Alan Geaam opens his Lebanese pizzeria!

Alan Geaam, chef of the homonymous starred restaurant in Paris, is also in charge of several Lebanese bistros in the capital. He discover the biography of this cook, who had to fight to get there.

where will it stop Alan Gem ? The chef, already head of a starred restaurant and several addresses highlighting the Lebanese cuisine in Paris or even in Marseilles, it opens at the beginning of its year first pizzeria, baptized Faurn.

In this new restaurant, the Faurn (“oven” in Lebanese) will be at the heart of it all. It will then be possible to taste pita, kaake and other traditional breads, but also man’aichea pancake eaten for breakfast with olive oil and zaatar, available at Faurn below more than a dozen recipes. On the sweet side, guests will find out babka sandwiches, cookies and cakes with Levantine flavours. The address, located at 212 rue Saint-Martin in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, is open every day, from early morning until late at night.

Biography of an autodidact

Born on 1um January 1974 in Monrovia (Liberia), Alan Geeam had a troubled childhood. From the age of 4, her Lebanese parents decided to flee Liberia, which was then hit by a coup. The civil war is also in full swing in Lebanon. “We lived half in the house and half buried in the cellar which served as our refuge during the bombings.”, confides to the site The Authentic Luxury. Luckily his mother’s cooking cheers him up,an excellent cook cooked big delicious meals for the whole family every day”.

Thanks to television, he discovers French gastronomy. And he wants to live “his” American dream: to come to France. In March 1999, she took it out of the limelight by doing odd jobs. As an autodidact, he learns French by devouring the books of great French chefs, learns to become a fine negotiator and hones his skills in a Lebanese restaurateur. In 2007, Alan Geaam became the owner chef of Auberge Nicolas Flamel. Eight years later, he is enjoying great success with AG in the heart of Les Halles, Paris. “There, I created a little nod to Lebanon, a brioche with zaatar, sumac and olive oil to accompany the dishes.” Work pays off: the chef makes a name for himself.

Where to find Alan Geaam’s restaurants?

In 2017, Alan Geaam took over Akrame Benallal’s restaurant, rue Lauriston (16and constituency). Create a cuisine that speaks of him, of his so atypical and sometimes painful story. By inventing original recipes that combine French heritage with Lebanese flavours, the chef – now a father of three – has earned a fully deserved star. “This star gave me wings; since I have it I have more confidence in myself”says in Food & Sens.

Since 2020, Alan Geaam has expanded his gastronomic universe. In addition to the restaurant that bears his name, the 40-year-old is launching Qasti, a Lebanese cuisine restaurant “authentic and different”. With the confinement, the restaurant is enjoying a huge success in deliveries. In April 2021, placed in Sâj, a counter dedicated to Lebanese pancakes. Crispy and fragrant, these stuffed pancakes are irresistible. At the end of 2021 he launched Qasti Shawarma & Grill, a brand dedicated to Lebanese street food. In March 2022, Alan Geaam and his friend Anthony Rahayel opened Le Doukane, a delicatessen dedicated to Levantine flavors in the heart of the Marais. A few weeks later, Alan Geaam opened Qasti Marseille in the New Hotel Marseille, a stone’s throw from the Old Port of Marseille. In 2023, Alan Geaam opens Faurn, his Lebanese pizzeria located on rue Saint-Martin in Paris.

How to define your kitchen?

At the heart of the four establishments, Alan Geeam has managed to honor the cuisine of his Lebanese roots. I feel responsible towards other Lebanese chefs; I want to show them the way; to show them that anything is possible. You know, being the only starry star in the entire Lebanese diaspora is nothing…” With Qasti, he offers a cuisine full of flavors that highlights parsley, tomatoes, the delicacy of spices and the play of acidity…

His love for French gastronomy is also palpable in his cuisine. Within her starred table, she signs dishes of great finesse. Suckling lamb, smoked eel and other exceptional French products are found on the dishes.

What are Alan Geaam’s signature recipes?

Alan Geeam has no signature dishes. He likes to make the great classics of Lebanese cuisine – hummus, keftas, falafel, vine leaves – as well as complex dishes. A dessert that he loves to prepare? Mouhallabieh, a mixture of milk, sugar, orange blossom, pistachio and rose petal jam.

Your Proust madeleine? “My mom’s cabbage confit with chicken! I ask her every time I visit her in Lebanon. I’ve never been able to make it as good as she…”he explains to the Paris Insider website.

Where to find his Instagram account?

On his personal account followed by more than 32,000 subscribers, Alan Geeam shares his daily life and his favourites. His latest trip to Beirut, his passion for English boxing and his latest creations (splendid Barbue, courgette checkerboard, courgette flower, vegetable juice, sojouk): the chef delivers with ease. With generosity.

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