Galtier in conf: Navas, Messi, Neymar, Mbappé and youngsters

Friday, as part of the 32nd final of the Coupe de France 2022-2023Paris Saint-Germain (1st in Liga 1) will face Chateauroux (13th National) at the Gaston Petit stadium (kickoff at 21:00, aired on Playing sports). On the eve of this meeting, Parisian coach Christophe Galtier answered several questions at the press conference. An opportunity to talk about Keylor Navas (35-year-old goalkeeper), Lionel Messi (35-year-old forward), the absence of Neymar (30-year-old forward), Kylian Mbappé (24-year-old forward) and the possibility for young players to show off. It will not be for gifting or turning.

Galtier “Navas will play tomorrow. »

Navas will play tomorrow and how have you managed the last few weeks?

He had about ten days of rest to recover and returned to the rhythm of the sessions. He had an individual and specific job with the goalkeeping coach. And yes, he will play tomorrow.

Should Messi play against Angers? Will there be a party at the park?

He had just over 12 days of vacation with commitments, including celebrations. We also wanted him to recover at home, with his family. He won’t play tomorrow. After discussing with him we make sure he is ready for the next game. We’ll see, we’ll find out. He played an extraordinary World Cup, with a lot of physical effort and jolts. I will be very careful what he tells me. I wish it was available.

Galtier “I hope it gets celebrated and there’s no reason it shouldn’t. »

It was also important that he was celebrated with us by all the actors, we have seen that he is happy and moved. For all of us it was important. He was happy to find his partners, those with whom all players work. It has been heard. Everyone is happy to see him again. Without having an obligation, celebrating it was the minimum.

As for the Park, I’m focused on tomorrow’s match. We’ll see at match time. But there is no demand or need for Leo to be celebrated. He did an extraordinary World Cup, he is world champion. I hope it will be celebrated. It is Leo Messi, we are very lucky to have him. I hope it will be celebrated and there’s no reason it shouldn’t.

Galtier “We will have a very competitive team. »

Is it a headache to make the team? Any news from Neymar?

It’s not a puzzle. The Coupe de France is an important trophy for the club. For me it is the most beautiful of trophies, because it brings together all of French football. We have the ambition to win it. After the defeat against Lens, there were a lot of exchanges and we immersed ourselves in the work for this match.

We knew there would be a lot of absences at some point after the World Cup. In past years the workforce was certainly more numerous. But with Luis Campos we wanted fewer players. We’ve had discussions with management before the season and concluded that we need a limited workforce. This opens up space for our young players, who are talented. Fall on this game. We will have a very competitive team, I guarantee it.

Galtier “we agreed that he would treat his sprained ankle and that we would treat it during this time. »

As for Neymar, his absence had been planned for some time. He was followed up by the medical and entertainment staff and we agreed that he would treat his sprained ankle and that we would treat it during this time.

How to explain your lack of success in the Coupe de France?

It’s very difficult to win. Especially when we ran into PSG. The biggest regret is last season with the defeat in the final after an honorable run. But I won it as an assistant at Sochaux and at Lyon. It’s not a lack of success, it’s very tough competition.

Galtier “We have an obligation to achieve results. »

An opportunity for tomorrow’s youth? Are they better than the ones you’ve known in the past?

Yes, it is an opportunity to be able to start or to have more minutes. I’m not on a business trip. We are coming off a big disappointment. Losing to PSG is really not nice. We have an obligation to result. I told the players, I don’t want to get players back. Some didn’t work well.

Then the absences will give space to young people. It’s up to them to take advantage of it. As for the level, it is definitely higher than what I could know. Proof of this is that in Europe there are many players from the Parisian team. This is also what prompted us to reduce the workforce, so that young people have time to play and can grow up to become professional PSG players.

Galtier “You also have to appreciate having Kylian at the club and in France. »

Have you heard that Mbappé has realized that he has assumed a higher dimension?

I’ve seen what happened in New York, it’s very rare. You must also appreciate having Kylian at the club and in France. He made a very big World Cup. Afterwards, since Kylian is watching what’s going on, has he changed? No, he came right back, he wanted to play. We have not discussed this. But I think the same, because he’s a very intelligent boy, who has to realize that the gaze on him has changed.

It is known all over the world. It’s very rare for a soccer player to get a standing ovation on a basketball court. I hope there will be no further pressure. He is a player with a lot of personality, character, he knows how to manage. But we have the same Kylian from the beginning of the season.

Galtier “There are incredible ball losses. »

The opponent has gotten used to taking advantage of PSG’s small mistakes, how to approach Châteauroux?

We make sure to correct any mistakes made. You’re referring to the goals scored at Lens, especially the 3rd. There are incredible shell losses. We have our own way of playing. Obviously against certain opponents you have to be much more vigilant and we weren’t. For X reasons.

Tomorrow the opponent will come and rush us, will he play low? We need to feel the game better, when to press, when to play low… we lacked discernment at Lens.

Are you worried or hopeful about Neymar, who took a red card upon his return?

Not worried at all. We have a Neymar as his start to the season. He really wanted to play, unfortunately he was sanctioned. He was very disappointed. We are lucky to have a very invested Neymar. Of course we are counting on him.

Will Neymar be absent until tomorrow or after?

Tomorrow he’s gone.

Galtier “We will have to be present, in order not to have the collective failure we had on Sunday. »

An opponent to be reckoned with?

I explained to some players, it’s a professional team. They have many players from training centers, Ligue 2, Ligue 1. There are athletic profiles. We have analyzed Châteauroux a lot, there has been a new manager who has changed the system. There are strengths, they go deep quickly, there’s a lot of commitment.

We worked quickly after the match against Lens on what to do or not to do. It’s the Coupe de France, there will be a great atmosphere. Players will play one of the most important matches of their reason. We will have to be present, in order not to have the collective failure we had on Sunday.

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