LIVE – OM: Tudor announces several absentees for the French Cup match

Tudor on full-back substitutions

“The two solutions are Sead (Kolasinac) and Issa Kaboré. We also have the option of putting Ünder or Rongier, which are more extreme solutions, so we would prefer to start with the former. The principles are the same regardless of the players. Sead is in a good period, he can play central or piston, Issa in the last game I didn’t like his comeback very much, he made a mistake, he seemed surprised, but in the first part of the season he made good insertions, he also scored a goal and is working” .

Tudor-level OM as soon as the recovery

“It’s true that from a physical point of view we’ve had two big matches, but it also depends on the opponents. With all due respect for them, we ran 108 and 111km, while this season against Tottenham we ran 120-125km. ‘It’s still a difference, it depends on the opponent and the type of game, there is constant room for improvement.”

Tudor on OM’s room for improvement

“My experience tells me that if we stop doing what we’ve always done for 3/4 training sessions, we forget very quickly. In the last few games we’ve improved in the offensive stages, but without the ball we can still improve.” We also work on the physical side which is part of our game. It’s a year-round job to be able to play our football. In this football, if we are not at our best we cannot be at our best.”

Tudor on Nuno Tavares fine

“I think it’s like any club, there are internal regulations. If the players are late for a snack there’s a fine, if it’s something more serious there’s a longer fine. Excellent. It’s not so much a question of a fine rather than out of respect. If someone runs to get there on time and the other takes his time and arrives late, it’s a lack of respect for the people who are there, it’s something that the players manage between themselves, I don’t intervene , that’s about them.”

>>> a consequence of the red card that Nuno Tavares received in Montpellier

Tudor on the priority goal between a Scudetto and the Champions League

“I don’t know which is more important, but what is certain is that we want to do both. We want to win the Coupe de France but also qualify for the Champions League and go to Europe.”

Tudor announces Bamba Dieng stock

“Ben Seghir won’t start, Dieng will start, not because we lack players but because he’s strong. He has qualities and I want to use him more than in the first part of the season.”

Tudor on Ruben Blanco, starting Saturday

“He makes a good impression on me. He’s a player who works well, who has always been ready when I needed from afar. He’ll start on Saturday.”

Tudor on unavailable players

“Gigot won’t be available. Nuno Tavares and Clauss won’t be available either. Dimitri still has a small problem. We’re on a select committee, today we were 14 players. But we’ll have to put in the best team possible.”

Tudor on motivation in front of amateurs

“There is no particular preparation. We have a trophy ahead of us and in 4, 5 games we can win it. It’s a short competition, that’s what makes it beautiful, so we want to face the opponents with the best team possible. “

Tudor on the French Cup

“It’s an important competition for us, we want to win it, I said it to the players this morning. We know it’s difficult at the start, we mustn’t underestimate our opponents, we saw it two years ago.”

Gueye on what Tudor brings him

Pape Gueye: “I had several coaches in a few years, everyone had their own principles of play and their own way of coaching. The coach teaches me many things tactically and technically, with an Italian style of play. You learn a lot.”

Gueye on the fans, even outside

Pape Gueye: “We’ve seen him in different stadiums of Ligue 1 like in Monaco, many fans come to visit us, they bring us a lot.”

Gueye on the good comeback of OM and on the podium

Pape Gueye: “We’re competitive, we want to win every match. We’re good at the moment but he can go very fast, especially at this club. We’re focused, the coach reminds us every day that we mustn’t get on fire.”

Gueye on his development and playing time

Pape Gueye: “I arrived, no one knew me, as a kid who is learning. I am proud of what I have brought to the club. I would have liked to play more this year but I am proud of what I have done, OM has allowed me to to play big games, to go to the selections, to win a CAN, to play in the World Cup. I’m an athlete, when I came here I knew that he would have a competition.”

Gueye on his World Cup

Pape Gueye: “I feel… stronger, I don’t know, but I have more confidence. After AFCON, it did me good. In the club, when I don’t have much time to play, it does me good “It’s nice to go to selection to have time to play. I play alongside great players, it allows me to gain confidence. After the World Cup I have more confidence in myself, this allows me to progress”.

Gueye on his future

Pape Gueye: “CAS? No, it doesn’t block any movement. I’m at OM, I’m good at this club. I haven’t seen the leaders, I’m on the pitch, I’m trying to do what I know how to do it, my mission is there, the rest is not up to me”.

Gueye on his position and role

Pape Gueye: “We have to do many things. We adapt to our coaches, but it’s true that we have many tasks to perform. We take the time to repeat them in training, we do many against one. Yes, I like it, I’d be crazy to say I don’t I like it! As long as we win and everyone knows what to do…”

Gueye on OM’s difficulties in the Coupe de France

Pape Gueye: “He enters our head. It’s a knockout match. We know that if they score first it will be complicated. We have to be twice as vigilant.”

“We talked about it in the locker room, we said to each other that the L1 level is always higher, anyone can beat anyone. The level is always higher, it’s up to us to demonstrate what we have. they are capable, there is no longer the European Cup, nor the League Cup, we have to win this game.”

Gueye on the importance of the Coupe de France for the OM

Pape Gueye: “It’s a very important match. The coach was able to say it this morning, it’s a match we want to win, a competition we want to win. We are OM, we have to show that we are a great team.”

“We know it has been a long time since the club won a trophy, we are working to do our best. In the league we are not far from the first. Saturday will be an important match, they will tickle us, we will give our best.”

Gueye on preparing OM

Pape Gueye: “We worked well during the break, I came back later after the World Cup. The team worked well in Spain, it showed in the first few games. It bodes well for the sequel.”

Pape Gueye arrives at a press conference

Let’s start with Pape Gueye

Four absent from Marseille training this Thursday morning

Samuel Gigot (concussion recovery phase), Jonathan Clauss (adductors), Dimitri Payet (care) and Nuno Tavares (ankle) were absent from group training this Thursday morning at the Commanderie. Recall that Nuno Tavares is suspended for the next three matches, including the 32nd final of the Coupe de France against Hyères.


“The party is ruined,” laments Boudjellal, who could field a Serie B side

FC Hyères has been dispossessed of organizing the 32nd Coupe de France final against Olympique de Marseille for security reasons. While the fixture finally takes place in Martigues this Saturday (3.30pm), the president of the Var club, Mourad Boudjellal, told RMC Sport that a B team could be fielded from national team 2 residents.

>> Boudejllal’s interview with RMC Sport is here

Three-game suspension for Tavares after bloodshed

OM’s Portuguese side Nuno Tavares received a three-match ban for his humorous gesture at the end of last Monday’s match against Montpellier (2-1) in Ligue 1. He will be absent for this 32nd Cup final France.

Good morning everyone

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