15 Belgian culinary specialties and where to find them in Brussels

If we asked you to name the culinary specialties and most typical dishes of Belgium, what would you answer? Let’s forget the french fries and the endless waffles and rediscover together 15 authentic Belgian specialties that delight the plain. Where to find these specialties in Brussels?

1. Flemish stew

Our recommendation: Zotte Mouche, Rue de l’Écuyer 47

Zotte Mouche’s signature dishes hit the mark (okay, the joke was easy). We recommend his delicious carbonnade flamande, a beef dish simmered in beer and served with mashed potatoes. A delight!

© @zotte.mouche (IG)

2. Vol au vent

Our recommendation: Au Vieux Saint Martin, Pl. du Grand Sablon 38

A crunchy puff pastry, a chicken topping dipped in cream (yum!): don’t say “bouchée à la reine” (smaller), but vol-au-vent! It is one of the Belgian specialties and can be enjoyed in Vieux Saint Martin, in the Sablon.

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3. French fries

Our suggestion: Maison Antoine, Pl. Jourdan 1 (or Patatak, Rue de la Bourse 34)

We would have lots of good chip shops to recommend to you in Brussels. But our preference (and it’s quite an institution here) is undoubtedly Maison Antoine, place Jourdan. In the centre, Patatak (and its delicious sauces) is an ideal address.

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4. Waffles

Our advice: Maison Dandoy (several addresses)

Whether you prefer the Brussels version (rectangular, with fruit on top) or Liège (more oval, sweet inside), eating a waffle is the activity food nº1 to do in Brussels. And our favorite always goes to Maison Dandoy, the undisputed reference.

© @maisondandoy (IG)

5. Brown prawn croquettes

Our recommendation: Kroket, Rue Caroly 37

Ah, the brown prawn croquette, a local specialty! She was born in Ostend in the north of the country, but you’ll have no trouble finding one in Brussels. Our recommendation? Kroket, a real croquette bar! We taste it in the XXL version!

© @kroket.bxl (IG)

6. Brussels sprouts

Our advice: Homemade, Chau. from Vleurgat 158

Fait Maison is not really a restaurant, but rather a restaurateur. You’ll need to bring your own takeaway, all the more reasons to compose your tray with so many yummy products, but above all their tasty Brussels sprouts! They are so good!

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7. Meatballs

Our advice: Ballekes, Rue des Chapeliers 3 or Chau. of Charleroi 174

Look no further, the meatball specialist is undoubtedly Ballekes in Brussels. They have two addresses in the capital, one near the Grand-Place and another in Châtelain. You will have a surprising choice of meatballs and side dishes!

© Ballekes

8. Mussels

Our advice: Le Chou de Bruxelles, Rue de Florence 26

30 types of mussels, that’s what awaits you at Brussels sprouts! Perfect for enjoying these joyful seafood accompanied, of course, by an avalanche of fries! With cream, Ardennaise, curry, parsley, tarragon, Normandy… you choose!

© Pexels (illustrative photo)

9. Speculoos

Our advice: Maison Dandoy (several addresses)

Whether it’s Waffles or Speculoos, it’s hard to find you better than Maison Dandoy. Their Vanilla Speculoos is so good we could get up at night to eat it! This little brown sugar cake originated in 17th century Belgium.

© @maisondandoy (IG)

10. Stomp

Our advice: Fin de Siècle, Rue des Chartreux 9

Stoemp is a dish cooked in Brussels since the 19th century! It is made from mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and flavored with thyme and bay leaf. The Fin de Siècle restaurant (a landmark in Brussels) offers a delicious sausage at an affordable price.

© VISITFLANDERS (Flickr) (illustrative photo)

11. The gun

Our recommendation: Pistol Original, Rue Joseph Stevens 26

This typical Brussels roll owes its name to the fact that it cost almost a gun (one coin) in the 17th century. In Brussels, the address no. 1 for a snack is undoubtedly Pistolet Original, and its many varieties!

© Original pistol

12. The machine gun

Our recommendation: Fritland, Rue Henri Maus 49

The machine gun is not actually a weapon, nor is it a healthy and balanced dish! This baguette filled with meat, fries and gravy is probably one of the most caloric Belgian specialties! But how good it is! Find them in Fritland, downtown.

© Kim Davies, Flickr (illustrative photo)

13. Aquazoans

Our recommendation: Aux Armes de Bruxelles, Rue des Bouchers 13

Originally from Ghent, this soup accompanied by chicken or fish is a real comforting dish for winter! Aux Armes de Bruxelles, a historic Brussels brasserie that dates back to 1921, offers a fish version that should delight you!

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14. Grated chicory

Our recommendation: C’est Bon C’est Belge, Rue de Rollebeek 3

Chicories au gratin, these tasty endive and ham rolls, are one of the typical Belgian culinary specialties. Our recommendation? The C’est Bon C’est Belge restaurant, which only serves it from the end of October to the beginning of April. Note on the calendar!

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15. Scampi with cream

Our recommendation: Le Prétexte, Rue de la Victoire 225

Scampi are what we colloquially call large prawns: not quite like the classic prawns, but much smaller than prawns! They are eaten with garlic, Liegeoise or cream, as at Prétexte, in Saint-Gilles.

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