Faiza Lamari, mother of Mbappé, the other star of the 2022 World Cup

During the 2022 World Cup, held in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December, the mothers of players such as Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi shone in the stands and on social media.

We’ve seen the Moroccan right-back run into his mother’s arms after every Moroccan match, but it was Faiza Lamara, Kylian Mbappé’s mother, who stole the show.

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France striker Kylian Mbappé glossed over the 2022 World Cup by scoring eight goals during the competition, including three in the final against Argentina on Sunday 18 December in Doha.

Despite failing to lift the World Cup for the second time in his career after winning it in Russia in 2018, Mbappé left his mark in the 2022 edition held in Qatar.

At just 23, the Paris Saint-Germain star has established himself as one of the best players in the world. Behind this new phenomenon of world football, there is his mother who is of Algerian origin.

Faiza Lamari, Mbappé’s mother and image consultant

If Kylian Mbappe made a splash on the pitch, outside the green rectangle, his mother Faiza Lamari stole the show on the internet.

On Twitter, the name of Kylian Mbappé’s mother is one of the trends, especially in Algeria. Her account on this social network is followed by 32,000 users. Kylian Mbappé is affectionately nicknamed “Oulid Faiza (son of Faiza)” by Algerian internet users.

Faiza Lamari is of Algerian origin. In the entourage of the star of France, she is more than her mother. Faiza Lamari occupies an important place in the management of Kylian Mbappé.

To protect her son, Faiza Lamari does not hesitate to come forward publicly. He has already done so in May 2022 when the soap opera of his son’s transfer to Real Madrid was in full swing. Kylian Mbappé has finally stayed at Paris Saint-Germain.

A former handball player, Faiza Lamari evolved in the French division within club AS Bondy in the 90s. She later switched to communication and image consultancy.

Faiza Lamari actively participates in the management of Kylian Mbappé’s career, especially in terms of image and communication, while her father Wilfrid Mbappé manages the football part, as indicated by Gala magazine.

Kylian Mbappé, a world star to manage

Faiza Lamari’s name often appears in the French sports press as one of the pillars of Kylian Mbappé’s entourage. She is described there as a woman who has “great character”

Born in Bondy in 1974 to Algerian parents, she said she gave her son a rigorous education. “He was the son of a black and a rebeu, I knew that she would have suffered the triple penalty,” explains Faiza Lamari for the Parisian.

Currently the son is sitting at the table of the big names on the planet. At Paris Saint-Germain he is one of the highest paid stars together with Messi and Neymar.

In the French team, his performance at the 2022 World Cup consecrated him as the absolute protagonist of the group in the absence of 2022 Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema, package due to injury and who announced the end of his international career with the Blues the day after the final lost by France against Argentina.

For his part, Faiza Lamari is just behind managing the contracts of his son in the smallest details who will not fail to be requested in the coming years if he remains at these levels.

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