Restaurants for workers in the Pays Bigouden: in Coat-Hellen, Claude Kervean puts the sauce – Restaurants for workers in the Pays Bigouden

“Where did Claude go? “. This question is almost daily in Coat-Hellen. Claude Kervean is on the go. So much so that, during the service, his collaborators lose sight of him. The chef should be in the kitchen. Except… “I like it so much talk to my customers that I leave my stove easily”, confides this teaser. At 63, the boy knows polo. Trained at the hotel school, he first worked as a chef at the Stéphan catering, Place Gambetta in Pont-l’Abbé “We were organizing weddings as far as Saint-Malo, it was a very beautiful house,” says Claude Kervean.He stayed there for 18 years before taking over, in 2007, the “Vent d’Ouest” bar-restaurant in Saint-Jean-Trolimon In 2021, the occasion is too good, Claude Kervean takes the reins of Coat-Hellen, an institution on the road to Plonéour-Lanvern. After a small restyling, the workers’ restaurant has picked up its pace. We come from all over Bigouden and even from further away.We come to “Chez Claude”.Every day the brand prepares to an average of 135 covers, 150 on the best days! From Monday to Friday, the Coat-Hellen welcomes a very varied clientele, obviously workers, but not only. “Nearly half of the clients are retirees. I love them. Some even arrive before noon, the doors aren’t even open yet! “, cowardly, jovial, the leader of Scaër.

The restaurant is located on the Pont-l’Abbé road (or Miné Car) in the direction of Plonéour-Lanvern. (The Telegram/Steven Lecornu)

Mayors, priests, leaders…

The best thing is to try. Around 12:30 the large auditorium (250 seats) comes alive without ever getting noisy. At the table you really meet all kinds of people. Relaxed, no-nonsense atmosphere. That day, at our side: entrepreneurs, workers, the elderly, mayors and even the parish priests who had deserted the presbytery. “Our cook is suddenly on holiday, we move here, he is very close to Pont-l’Abbé and is easily accessible”, comment the men of the Church. “At Claude’s I find colleagues and even cousins,” explains Pierre, a faithful one. Here, in the large parking lot (5,000 m2), I can easily park my road train,” adds this entrepreneur from Peumerit. On his plate, a succulent couscous perfectly seasoned.

The menu, 14€ all inclusive

The menu, 14€ all inclusive, defies all competition. “There are no surprises, everything is included, right down to the coffee,” says the owner. Every day, as an appetizer, on a cold buffet, he offers various mixed salads (15 in total) and cold cuts. All this at will. For the main dish, it is served on the plate and is concocted by the chef. Your choice: meat, fish with vegetables or french fries. And it’s not over. Different cheeses are offered, as for the dessert (homemade) there is a great variety up to the ice cream. Drinks included. Satisfied?

Claude Kervean prepares his couscous.  This dish is served at Coat-Hellen every first Thursday of the month.
Claude Kervean prepares his couscous. This dish is served at Coat-Hellen every first Thursday of the month. (The Telegram/Steven Lecornu)

This is his latest batch

People come to Coat-Hellen for its simple and generous cuisine, just like the cook. His specialty: stews in gravy. “I put the package at the reception, people appreciate being well received”, confides Claude Kervean. The economic context is difficult. The crisis has increased all costs and reduced margins. After the pandemic and the temporary closure of the establishments, some habits have changed. Some workers now eat a sandwich directly on construction sites. A meal digested quickly, unbalanced and devoid of conviviality. Not enough to upset the captain of the Coat-Hellen. “Business is good, I have nothing to complain about,” smiles Claude Kervean. This year is his last batch, he’s about to hang up his apron. All that remains is to pass the baton.


Le Coat Hellen restaurant, 2, rue Miné Car, Pont-l’Abbé exit, in Plonéour-Lanvern. Open Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 and by reservation in the evenings and weekends. Tel: 02 90 77 40 77 and

Restaurants for workers in the Pays bigouden: in Coat-Hellen, Claude Kervean puts on the sauce

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