Which food processor to buy?

the kitchen robot it helps in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes. A real time saver, this one device it allows both to cook food but also to simmer it in different ways, whether it is fish, meat or vegetables. The advantage of this device is that it offers easy management and programming. There are different price ranges in relation to the features offered. So here are the best food processors for varied and balanced dishes.

What are the functions of a food processor?

This appliance combines the functionality of other food processors thanks to its numerous accessories:

  • The chopper blades allow you to chop;
  • The mixer is used for mousses and beaten eggs or for kneading dough;
  • The vegetables will find their place in the steamer basket;
  • The cooking bowl heats fish and other poultry;
  • The food processor also keeps the preparations warm before serving them.
  • In addition to all these accessories, the food processors have many cooking programs: slow, vacuum and many others.

the kitchen robot therefore it does not stop at savory dishes, it is also very useful in the preparation of sweet recipes.

What are the automatic programs of a food processor?

They vary according to the brand and models offered, but most often we find the essentials such as:

  • The preparation of soups (velvet, or in pieces),
  • The preparation of yoghurts
  • cook pasta and rice,
  • Or clean the tank to save time.

Video – Light Recipes:

What are the different types of motors in a food processor?

Like all home appliances, the stand mixer needs a motor to function properly. There are two types:

  • The electric motor : also called synchronous, it is very powerful and therefore noisier.
  • The induction motor : also called asynchronous, it is more discreet and more durable. It offers a rapid increase in temperature.

How does a food processor work?

That’s it, you’ve invested in a food processor and it’s time for the first recipe, so here are the few steps to follow:

  • Select the recipe you want to prepare in your book, on your smartphone or from the robot’s control screen.
  • Add the ingredients and their quantity as explained in the recipe.
  • Just follow the instructions provided by the robot to make the recipe.
  • Wait a few moments for the magic of the food processor to work (and to be able to mix and heat the ingredients…)
  • Once the recipe is finished, all that remains is to taste it.

How to maintain your food processor?

In order for your appliance to accompany you for many years, it is essential to clean it and maintain it in the best possible way. Therefore, after each use, all accessories and the bowl must be washed. They are removable and spend most of the time in the dishwasher or the device has an “self-cleaning” mode. You just have to add water.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a food processor?

We studied several important criteria to prepare this selection:

  • Dimensions of the bowl : the food processor is always made up of a more or less large bowl. In general, its capacity varies from 3 to 7 L. Choose a 2.5 to 3 L bowl for a meal for 2 to 4 people. For 6 to 8 people, consider bowls with a capacity greater than 4L.
  • The power : for large families we recommend a power higher than 1,200 Watt, so that the robot can process all foods at high speed.
  • Features and accessories : some models can be heated with steam, others offer the possibility of mincing meat or beating eggs until stiff. All these accessory functions are real pluses that can make you lean towards one device rather than another.

The best food processors


Companion Touch XL – Moulinex

Why do we love it?

  • Thanks to its touch screen, this food processor supports you in making your recipes with images, tips and videos accessible directly from the screen. With the “In my fridge” function you can find recipe ideas based on the ingredients you have at home!
  • A true multifunction robot, it prepares, cuts and cooks dishes for two to ten people thanks to its useful capacity of 3 L.
  • Using the device is very simple because it has a very intuitive touch screen. Even with dirty hands, you can scroll down to read the entire recipe.
  • You can make all your wishes come true thanks to the 14 automatic programmes. The “keep warm” function allows you to cook comfortably and without supervision.
  • In addition, it has six dedicated accessories: a chopping knife, a kneading/chopping knife, a whisk, a mixer, a steamer basket and a flat-bottom accessory.

Useful information :

  • Number of gears: 13;
  • Power: 1550 Watts;
  • Engine speed: 16,000 rpm;
  • Total bowl capacity: 4.5 L;
  • Functions: soup, stew, steam, pastry;
  • Accessories: vegetable slicer, connected scale, chopper, mixer, whisk, knife, steam basket and spatula;
  • Connectivity: Wifi;
  • Up to 10 people.


Cook Expert XL – Magimix

Why do we love it?

  • To make everything a success from starters to desserts and for all your guests, don’t hesitate any longer, this food processor is what you need.
  • You can feed the whole family and even more (up to 16 people) thanks to the extra large prep tank.
  • This robot is very versatile thanks to its multitude of accessories. Chop, knead, steam, mince, simmer, mix or grate. All in large quantities.
  • It is precise in cooking and offers excellent cutting efficiency: a real assistant in the kitchen. Nothing stops it, you can give free rein to your culinary creativity!
  • You can control it remotely because it’s a connected device. You are in control of the kitchen with just a few clicks from your phone.

Useful information :

  • Number of gears: 18;
  • Power: 1800 Watts;
  • Total bowl capacity: 4.8 litres;
  • Accessories in stainless steel.


RobiCook – Robby

Why do we love it?

  • If you’re running out of dinner inspiration, no problem: the Robicook has more than one trick up its sleeve with its 500 easy-to-make recipes.
  • The touch screen is particularly intuitive and does not fear smudges. It’s tactile for simplicity.
  • With the eight programs on offer, you are sure that your meal will be varied and balanced.
  • To save real time, many accessories come as reinforcements such as a mixing whisk, a whisk, a blade, a reversible disc, a silicone spatula, three steamer baskets and two lids.
  • An integrated scale also helps you with recipe preparation.

Useful information :

  • Power: 1300 Watts;
  • Total bowl capacity: 3.5 L;
  • Material: stainless steel.


Multicooker – Moulinex

Why do we love it?

  • Rice, risotto, baby puree, stew, soup, yoghurt or even pastry, this robot fulfills all your wishes.
  • It features intelligent technology that automatically adapts cooking settings for quality results.
  • The accessories included are practical and easily washable.
  • The LED display makes it easy for you to read information, you are not overwhelmed with recipes and data.
  • It is a good compromise when you live alone or as a couple.

Useful information :

  • Power: 750 Watts;
  • Non-stick coating inside the bowl;
  • Bowl capacity: 5 L;
  • Accessories: steam basket, rice spoon and measuring cup.

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