Kimmich, Donnaruma, Verratti on the relaunch

They didn’t shine with their sports performance. However, with the Champions League expiring, Kimmich, Verratti and Donnaruma have every interest in getting up.

Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

Humiliated for the second time in a row at the World Cup, the Bayern midfielder is still waiting for his moment with the Mannschaft. Waiting to put him back at home in 2024 during the European Championship, and in the meantime collect the eighth Bundesliga in a row, he will be formidable in the Champions League, another competition that rejects him, against PSG.

He can do it : win the Champions League, win the Bundesliga and the German Cup

He will do it : Won the Bundesliga Cup double

Gianluigi Donnaruma (PSG)

Deprived of the World Cup, the Italian goalkeeper will be the key element of the second half of the season for a hitherto sovereign PSG. Reassured by his number 1 status, the 2020 European Nations Champion has the opportunity to prove in 2023 that he has definitely acquired another dimension. At 23, if he succeeded, he would open the doors of legend, in the footsteps of Zoff or Buffon, his glorious predecessors.

He can do it : win Ligue 1, win the Champions League, win the Nations League
He will do it : win Ligue 1, win the Champions League

Marco Verratti (PSG)

The time has come for the indefatigable dustman to reap the rewards of his long-term commitment to PSG. To this end, not having played in the World Cup could prove to be a triggering factor because he will have allowed him to save a fragile physique that has deprived him of very important appointments for too long, of the caliber of what awaits him against. Bayern Munich in February.

He can do it : win Ligue 1, win the Champions League, win the Nations League
He will do it : win Ligue 1, win the Champions League

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

His sixth season with the Reds would not be his best. Definitely dropped in the Premier League, his 6 small goals speak volumes about Liverpool’s lack of efficiency this season in the league. Fortunately, the Champions League remains where the Egyptian international shared the advantage of top scorer with Mbappé (7 goals). The prestigious round of 16 against Real Madrid can save his season pending the final phase of the CAN, scheduled for July, but postponed to January 2024, on condition of qualification…

He can do it : Win the Champions League, Win the CAN, Win the Cup
He will do it : win the CAN

Kevin DeBruyne (Manchester City)

Returning from Qatar with the seum, the Belgian international had everything to gain by changing years, and hoping that 2023 will finally offer him the European consecration he deserves, the Champions League. If RB Leipzig in the round of 16 shouldn’t pose too many problems, the rest seems more random. Dropped in the league, the Citizens could fall back on the Cup so as not to be left empty-handed. One thing is certain, the Ballon d’Or race is over for him.

He can do it : win the premier league, win the champions league, win the cup
He will do it : win the Cup

Mike Maignan (Milan)

Inevitably linked to the future of Lloris, the future of the Milan international goalkeeper is part of the French squad in the very short term. He is the successor. After the injury package that prevented him from playing in his first World Cup, 2023 could be the year of the passing of the baton. Elected best goalkeeper in L1 in 2019, best goalkeeper in Serie A in 2022, he is ready to apply for the Yachine Trophy in 2023.

He can do it : win the Champions League, win the Yachine Trophy, win the Italian Cup
He will do it : Win the Yachine Trophy

Paul Pogba (Juventus)

His injury marred his return to Juventus in 2022 and at the same time deprived him of the World Cup. If not, he multiplies the motivation of a 29-year-old player who knows he doesn’t have much time to make football history, beyond the Russian success of 2018, as he always wanted. He’ll be there in 2024 for the Euro… and he’s counting on 2023 to gain momentum. Since February in the Europa League play-off against FC Nantes?

He can do it : win the Europa League, win the Italian Cup
He will do it : win the Italian Cup

Ryad Mahrez (Manchester City)

Right in front of his TV, the Algerian international followed the exploits of… Morocco in Qatar. Just enough to keep alive the frustration of a player who still runs, with the Citizens, behind the Champions League. Slightly behind in the Premier League, anything will still be possible for Mahrez in 2023, even pulling off a grand slam that almost happened in 2021. Two years on, it’s definitely now or never.

He can do it : win the premier league, win the champions league, win the cup, win the ballon d’or

He will do it : win the Cup

Christopher Nkunku (RB Leipzig)

Sure merit of a Bundesliga who scored with his talent for a season and a half, the French international will find in the round of 16 of the Champions League, against Manchester United, a good way to forget the last minute withdrawal for a World Cup. Cup that could have been his too. Otherwise, get rid of Lewandowski and Haaland, he gets the title of top scorer in the Bundesliga which would allow him to change size. Before your flight to Chelsea…

He can do it : win the Bundesliga, win the Champions League, become top scorer in the Bundesliga

He will do it : Bundesliga top scorer

N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)

Absent from the Qatar World Cup, the Azzurri phenomenon has been making fun of for several months. His last game with the Blues dates back to June 2022, his last title with Chelsea in 2021 (C1)… strongly 2023 for him where only the Champions League is still accessible to him! At 31 he still has plenty of room to become essential again and also, why not, to plan the 2026 World Cup.

He can do it : win the Champions League, win the Cup
He will do it : Return to the French team to prepare for Euro 2024

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