TripAdvisor: Top 10 Rated Restaurants in Dinan

In the heart of Dinan, the Les 3 Lunes restaurant is the most voted by internet users on the reference site, TripAdvisor, according to the criteria we used. ©The little blue

If word of mouth still works very well for pass down good plans in a sector, to go to a restaurant in a city we do not know, search on the net it is now required.

And, inevitably, in searching for the best place, we stumble upon the site TripAdvisor listing each other’s opinions.

On this site somehow “catch-all” we give both his opinion on the waiter’s smile than on the manager’s haircut, on the cleanliness of the dishes than on that of the toilets or even on the taste of the dishes than on the decoration.

So that’s fine your own experience who exalts himself, knowing that that of the neighbor, on the same day and at the same time, can be totally different. And it is, at times, the great uproar, turned on this very popular sitewhich has become essential for most of us and which you need to know how to decipher to get the most out of it.


The first thing to know about how TripAdvisor works is thisranks highly. Local Cuisine, Outdoor Terrace, Moderate Price, Lunch, Cheap and Fast, World Cuisine, Vegan, Pancakes, Romantic etc, many subdivisions they were created.

To get a broader view of what customers in the restaurant enjoy Dinanwe have therefore chosen to abolish these subdivisions in order to keep them compared to the “restaurant. » We also checked both boxes “lunch and dinner”.

We give you, because it is important, the number of reviews submitted on the establishment in question. The more positive reviews the restaurant has, the more certain we are the quality of its services over time… However, the “rankings” offered by TripAdvisor remain somewhat opaque. According to some, would depend on multiple criteria : the number of reviews, recent reviews, their duration, the quality of shared photos… not to mention fraudulent reviews (friends, peers, etc.)

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But to make a decision, that’s it the 10 best restaurants in Dinanon Tripadvisor, according to the criteria adopted by the editorial board.

A safe bet in Dinan, which continues unabated over the years. Reception, environment, cordiality, quality of products and cuisine, everything seems to be collected in one place according to customers like Eric, who commented last August: “Brilliant paper, top-notch reception. You made our weekend sunny. » The restaurant is located in one of Dinan’s beautiful historic squares.

659 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The 3 Moonssemi-gastronomic cuisine, midday menu on weekdays at €21.50 place des Cordeliers, 02 96 85 10 32, reservation and menu online at

This creperie restaurant it is appreciated for the diversity and taste of its dishes. With a special mention for creamy mushrooms, emphasized by Cassiopée, in his comment of August 3, 2022: “We had a great time (big mushroom crush with cream) and the waiters were really friendly. We were able to sit on the terrace with our dog. » Most reviews report well prepared dishes and hearty galettes and pancakes with a warm welcome. “I decreed it was the best creperie,” Lin assured on May 14.

234 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The practical21 bis rue de la Mittrie, 02 56 38 53 66

Again, the comments are almost all dithyrambic. The restaurant affirms its refined and welcoming side hundreds of words left about it on tripadvisor. “A great evening at Le Cozy, a restaurant in Dinan recommended by the hotel where we were staying. Cod fritters and falafel, seafood sauerkraut and catch of the day… all very good, fresh and plentiful. Efficient service and very friendly server. An address to remember”, details, for example, Go Places, 25 October. The quality-price ratio is one of the strengths of the restaurant where some have noted “an excellent glass of wine for €3.50”.

613 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The Cozy Restaurant11 rue de la Poissonnerie (old Dinan), 02 96 85 06 50

Creperie restaurant Dinan
La Cour Saint-Sauveur is one of the most popular creperies by local customers and tourists in Dinan. ©The little blue

One of the nice and good creperies in Dinan where regular customers and tourists all the year. The big plus of the place: the hidden terrace, and shaded for the summer. But we also eat very well. The test between 700 comments left, that of Remy, in October: ​​“Very pleasant welcome and service. Very varied menu that can delight all tastes. Between pancakes and pancakes, we don’t know what to choose, but everything is delicious. Flavors, quality and quantity, it’s perfect. A great address. »

701 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The Court of Saint-Sauveur18 rue de l’Horloge (old Dinan) 02 96 39 03 64

An “authentic” restaurant where traditional cuisine seems happily revisited. But it’s probably Nancy who talks about it best, in her comment left in October: “Finally a real restaurant with things you only eat at Christmas, or at grandparents’! We expect to see Louis De Funès fall as a food critic. Sharing a nice plate of prawns and prawns with some crazy mayonnaise. Monkfish and sea bass very well cooked with shellfish sauce. I enjoyed finishing my meal with the palet breton, its roasted apple and its scoop of vanilla ice cream; all topped with a pretty tile lace and garlanded with a salted butterscotch that would make a diabetologist go green! »

883 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The Canterbury6, rue Sainte-Claire, 02 96 39 02 52.

Inspired by Auvergnebut that’s not all, the cuisine of this traditional restaurant has conquered a large audience over the years. Mussels whose reputation is second to none, home made chips, roast camembert, lamb shank alongside home made truffles. And you can also meet… Bernard Hinault as Sam C points out in his comment last June: “The owner, with his human warmth, was able to put us at ease and satisfy us with good, abundant and quality dishes. If you’re as lucky as we are, you can share a table with Bernard Hinault himself. The addition will only be better! »

837 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> By Odette Bongrain, 9 rue du quai, at the port of Dinan. 02 96 87 57 51.

An address known to Dinan that he was able to find his letters of nobility these last few years. A chance for lovers of old stones who can he recover from traditional dishes in an old-fashioned setting. “The dishes are expertly prepared and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the produce. We tasted each of our choices with pleasure. Furthermore, the place in a typical stone inn is very warm,” recommends Lilibb of Rouen, in a recent commentary. Note, one of the dishes whose address we also like: the spit of the day, a meat cooked on a rotisserie.

750 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The San Luigi9 rue de Léhon (Old Dinan), from €14 to €39, 02 96 39 89 50.

Again, the address is known and recognized by the regulars which have been embellishing the tables of the restaurant for several years now. Value for money is often praised in this city center restaurant where you can taste the calm, in contemporary decor, a modern kitchen. “What a pleasure to have brought to light a table of such exceptional quality, both for the cordial service and for the flavors on the plate. All is perfect ! The desire to delight the taste buds is felt from appetizers to desserts… Thank you for having given so much joy during a meal… we have come, we have returned and we will return again and again”, testifies Mickaël, from Plancoet .

269 ​​reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> The restaurant7, rue de la Ferronnerie, formula from €25 for lunch during the week and à la carte, evening and Sunday, 02 96 84 40 20 and

Hamburger in a neat decoration, served by a young and dynamic team has made this place an increasing address of Dinan quickly. The products are of high quality and everything is home made. Customers love it and come back like Brunojoy, who commented on 6 October: “It’s a pleasure to eat a real good burger at Plan B as soon as you go to Dinan. Aside from the dishes, the staff are amazing – friendly and professional. We even make the special detour to get there! »

231 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> Plan B22 rue de l’Horloge (Old Dinan), from €15 to €25, 02 96 82 34 85.

The Ahna crêpe in festive colours. ©The little blue

It is one of the best creperies in Dinanée the number of comments posted it is the testimony. Here, locals and tourists rub shoulders year-round in the tantalizing scent of pancakes and pancakes they cook on demand according to time-tested recipes. In season, impossible to get a table without a reservation. We come here for its friendly environment, the quality and realization of the products, without false notes. Without to forget the legendary welcome of the boss. “Ultra efficient service, smile and top management. A good time no matter what. The pancakes are really delicious. Top quality products. An amazing cider. Really high level. Impressive given the tourist location,” commented Fabrice in September.

1487 reviews posted on TripAdvisor

-> Creperie Ahna7, rue de la Poissonnerie (Vieux Dinan), 02 96 39 09 13.

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