This dish is the FAVORITE of the French! Is it yours too?

Every year, a survey asks the French what their favorite dish is. In 2021, raclette was elected Favorite recipe of our fellow citizens. Produced by the CSA for You combinethis survey was also carried out for the year 2022. And raclette has been dethroned! And yes, the French have said goodbye to cheese and welcome to chicken and fries which is at the top of the chart. This dish is still closely followed by raclette and pizza! Interviewed by You combinepoints out Bernard Boutboul, restaurant expert “ Why is this survey surprising? Because “favorite” does not mean “consumed”. Of the ten dishes, nine are found quite rarely on restaurant menus. And of your ten favorite dishes, how many are homemade? Here is the complete ranking of the 10 favorite dishes of the French:

  1. The chicken and the fries
  2. raclette
  3. Pizza
  4. cous cous
  5. Beef Bourginon
  6. stew
  7. Quiche Lorraine
  8. Paella
  9. The sauerkraut
  10. Cassoulet

What if we started preparing the first three dishes on the list? In fact, in order to draw up your own ranking, you need to make and taste these three recipes!

Prepare the recipe for chicken and fries, raclette and pizza

Chicken and fries recipe

For 4 people.

Ingredients :

For the chicken

  • 1Chicken about 1.3 kg
  • 5cl Olive oil
  • 1table spoon. Flower of salt coffee
  • Calories = very high

For the fries

  • 1kg bintje potatoes
  • Fry oil
  • salt

Preparation :

  1. Preheat the oven thermostat 7/8 (200°C).
  2. Rub the chicken with fleur de sel, pepper and tie.
  3. Place the chicken on a plate, drizzle with olive oil and cook.
  4. After 15 minutes, lower the oven to temperature 6 (180°C) and cook for 1 hour.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare the fries. Peel the potatoes, then cut them into very regular sticks, 1 cm per side. Rinse them thoroughly under running water to remove the starch, then dry them very gently in a tea towel.
  6. Heat the oil for frying to 170°C. Cook the fries in small quantities, about 8 minutes, then set them aside on a plate. Let them cool completely (count at least 30 min).
  7. Heat the frying oil again to 190°C. Proceed with a second cooking bath for your fries, always in small portions: they must be golden brown. Count for 5 to 6 min.
  8. Drain the chips carefully, then pat them dry on a paper towel. Salt them immediately and serve immediately with the chicken cut into pieces.

Now let’s move on to the dish that has been dethroned: raclette!

Recipe for six people:

Ingredients :

  • 1kg Firm-flesh potatoes for steam cooking
  • 1kg Raclette cheese cut into strips
  • 6slices of smoked breast
  • 6slices of raw ham (Parma, Bayonne or other)
  • 12Graubünden slices of meat
  • 12rosette slices
  • 3sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1Jar of pickles (and pickled onions)
  • Ground pepper

Preparation :

  1. Wash the potatoes and then steam them until tender.
  2. Cut the cured meats into strips, arrange them on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and set aside in the refrigerator.
  3. When the potatoes are cooked, peel some of them, cut them into slices and arrange them in the raclette pans.
  4. Top with a small assortment of charcuterie, sprinkle with thyme then top each pan with a nice wedge of cheese.
  5. All the guests have to do is slide the pan into a compartment of the raclette machine so that the cheese melts. Pepper and bon appetit.
  6. Then place the rest of the potatoes kept warm, the cured meats and the strips of cheese directly on the table, everyone will fill their own assortment.
  7. Don’t forget to offer pickles and onions as an accompaniment and serve with a nice green salad.

Recipe for making a good pizza:

Recipe for four people

Ingredients :

  • 1Pizza dough
  • 250g Tomato coulis
  • 3Slices of Serrano Ham
  • 2Mozzarella balls
  • 1Ten pitted black olives
  • 3table spoon. spoons of olive oil
  • basil leaves (a few)
  • salt
  • Pepper

Preparation :

  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  2. Roll out the pizza dough.
  3. Place it on a baking tray lined with baking paper and spread the tomato puree on top.
  4. Drain the mozzarella and cut it into thin slices. Put them on the pizza.
  5. Add the roughly hand-cut ham and then the black olives.
  6. Salt, pepper and add the olive oil.
  7. Cook for 15-20 minutes and serve hot sprinkled with chopped fresh basil.

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