How to cook green lentils?

Rich in fiber, magnesium and iron, green lentils are the ideal remedy to recover energy. Simple to prepare and easy to cook, here are all the cooking tips you need to know for optimal preparation of lentils.

Rich in fiber, magnesium and iron, green lentils are the ideal remedy to recover energy. They are among the legumes most consumed by the French. They are distinguished by their inimitable almond taste. Simple to prepare and easy to cook, it is useful to know all the cooking tips for optimal preparation, plus some ideas for seasoning and recipes.

Preparation of green lentils before cooking

There are several varieties of lentils: blonde, brown, green or coral. Blond lenses are distinguished by their larger size. Coral lentils have a more pronounced taste, while canned brown lentils are often found. Green lentils remain the most loved and consumed. Originally from Puy, Gascony or Berry, green lentils are all rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Cooking green lentils is basically done in water. Before cooking, it is advisable to rinse the lentils well with clean water. This helps rid them of all impurities. No need to soak them. Cooking takes place in a large pot of water or in a pressure cooker.

What is the cooking time for green lentils?

It takes 25 to 30 minutes to cook green lentils. This cooking time can vary depending on the age of the lentils and sometimes their variety. If the lentils are dated from the year, we can favor the shorter cooking time, as opposed to older green lentils, which require longer cooking. Cooking time may vary slightly depending on where the green lentils come from, so refer to package directions. In terms of dosage, we can provide 70g for one person or 140g for two. The volume of water used must be at least four times greater than the volume of the lentils.

A little tip to preserve the softness of the lentils: it is important to salt the lentils after cooking. Otherwise the green lentils will be tougher and less tender. The final yield of lentils also depends on the lentil recipe you are preparing. For a lentil salad it is better to use more compact vegetables, while a soup necessarily requires green lentils, which are very tender and creamy.

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Cooking green lentils in water

This is the most classic cooking technique. After rinsing the lentils, simply soak them in a large volume of water. One of the tricks to know for cooking green lentils is to start cold cooking, in order to keep all the flavor of this legume. The water must then be brought to a boil and then cooled. Green lentils are cooked for 25 minutes with boiling water. The use of boiling water for cooking is not recommended, with the risk of seeing the green lentils burst under the effect of too much heat.

Once cooked, the lentils can be salted. To flavor the almond flavor of the lentils, it is preferable to cook them with a sauce: add a sprig of bay leaf or thyme or an onion or a clove of garlic to the green lentils. You can also opt for a piece of bacon or vegetables (carrots, celery…).

Cook the green lentils in a pressure cooker

This option allows green lentils to cook faster, ideal when you have little time to cook. In fact, the cooking time is reduced to 15 minutes on low heat, once the valve is activated. It is necessary to supply a volume of water 1.5 times greater than the volume of green lentils.

There are many recipes for green lentils as a main dish: salads, soups, meatballs… They are also an ideal vegetable accompaniment to sausages and meats such as salted pork.

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