Marion Cotillard, M.Pokora, Kim Kardashian, Kylian Mbappe… What will become of them in 2023?


His son, his battle

Of course, whatever is said, she will continue her career in cinema. But it is on the side of his family that things will get complicated for the eternal girlfriend of the French. She should be angry about what will happen to her son Vincent. I see a difficult time for her.


Marriage problems…


Both have not finished speaking. At issue, what sets them apart from the royal family and this positioning which continues to infuriate the Crown of England and its wearer, Charles III. Attention, more serious thing that concerns them, we will see in the years to come great twists in their union. The gap widens between the prince and the actress…


Scandalous sister!

The beautiful influencer will appear happy on the arm of a new man, but Kanye West, the father of her children, hasn’t finished causing her trouble. More surprisingly, things will get more difficult with one of her sisters involved in a big scandal …


Pink card!


The footballer will have to pay attention to the knees on which I perceive points of fragility. He will also have to temper his passion and moderate his outbursts. On the other hand, 2023 will be his year on the side of the heart. I even see him become a dad!


Conflicts ahead

Her romance with Jalil Lespert continues! Laeticia has rebuilt her life, of course, and the couple will talk as a child, but she will never extinguish her attachment to the one with whom she has shared everything for almost twenty-three years and who remains the rock star of an era. On the other hand, conflicts with one of her daughters will make headlines and 2023 will not be easy for Johnny’s widow. Also, the setbacks will continue on the side of justice, the singer’s legacy is still creating controversy among the Hallydays. 45


The succession is assured

The announcement of his candidacy will be a flop. And justice will reach him. On the other hand, a member of his family clan might surprise by taking his turn in politics. Donald will support him if he isn’t too bothered by the health issues.


Professional galley, personal joys

©Bourcier Simon/ABACA

The TV presenter, mother of two, Maël and Claudia, will invest more and more at the family level with her husband, the ex footballer Yoann Gourcuff with whom she has been in love since 2011. It must be said that a third child is on the way! On the other hand, I see a somewhat complicated year on a professional level, and it won’t go as you would like.


Luckily he has Brigitte


A difficult year for our President of the French Republic. Already weakened by a large-scale economic crisis, it could go through other galleys. As always, the support of his wife Brigitte will be crucial for him. She will resist him.


Back on stage

The artist, having gone through a difficult period, from the point of view of health, is doing well. He regains his courage … Supported by his friends, his children and his wife Azucena, always present and benevolent, he will return even stronger to the front of the stage with a new album and unexpected duets.


A baby and a coronation?

The new Prince and Princess of Wales are still gaining notoriety among the British people and could quickly experience the joy of becoming parents for the fourth time. Also, William will be crowned King of England sooner than you think.




If on the professional side she continues her career with the same success, on the side of the heart it is more chaotic. While they are rumored to be forever separated, her romance with director Guillaume Canet will still find color. The two lovebirds of French cinema will surprise us.


A movie life


The French singer is an accomplished father and husband! His return will be on stage in the song, but also in the cinema and in TV series. For this Libra sign 2023 will be a great year..


Finally resettled?


Yes, the beautiful Angelina becomes a producer of humanitarian documentaries, but her career on the big screen is not over. However, in 2023, her children will remain her priority. And surprise, we should see her again on the arm of a man!

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