The 12 destinations for a gastronomic journey

A recent report from Expedia, and Vrbo reveals Quebec’s top travel trends for 2023.

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We learn that Quebecers will be letting their “foodie” side unleash when choosing a destination this year. It is also written that they will tend to seek out airbnbs or accommodations that include pizza ovens and even airfryers. He’s saying something!

If this is your case, here is a list of 12 cities in the world considered particularly foodie, or appreciated for their culinary scene. I hope this list helps you in your search.

1. Tokyo, Japan

The city of Tokyo is famous for many things, but its high-quality cuisine attracts thousands of tourists every year. We think here of its sushi, ramen and tempura.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Balinese cuisine is influenced by Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cultures and offers a wide variety of tasty dishes. It’s hard to miss the mi goreng and nasi goreng (noodle dishes or fried rice), gado gado (a salad with peanut sauce), and chicken sata (chicken skewers with peanuts). In big cities like Ubud, Canggu and Kuta you will find great Australian influences. Trendy coffee and bowls of acai they are not lacking in these specific places.

3. San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastián is known for its pintxos, small pieces of bread topped with different fillings, which are usually served in the city’s tapas bars.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

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Thai cuisine is famous for its spicy and savory dishes, and the city of Bangkok offers a wide variety of restaurants and street food trucks offering these specialties.

5. New York, USA

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New York is a cosmopolitan city that offers a wide variety of cuisines from around the world, from pizzas to bagels to fusion-style dishes.

6. Seoul, South Korea

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Korean cuisine is particularly popular for its grilled dishes and spicy soups. Seoul is a city where you can enjoy many traditional dishes such as bibimbap, bulgogi, japchae and (of course) Korean barbecue. Don’t miss the night markets!

7. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is renowned for its authentic Mexican cuisine, which highlights local ingredients such as beans, avocados and chiles.


The cosmopolitan city of Singapore impresses with its large variety of Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Indian and Malaysian. There really is something for everyone.

9. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is renowned for its vibrant food scene, showcasing local ingredients and seasonal produce. The city is also known for its fusion style restaurants.

10. Paris, France

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Paris is a city renowned for its high-quality cuisine and its many Michelin-starred restaurants. The city is also known for its renowned bakeries, dairies and pastry shops.

11. Montreal, Quebec

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In 2020, Montreal was crowned one of the world’s most mouth-watering destinations by Chef’s Pencil. To live there, we confirm that this city is beautiful to visit for its restaurants and institutions!

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12.Melbourne, Australia

While many turn to Sydney when traveling to Australia, others turn to Melbourne. This city is a reality crucible multicultural. From gnocchi to Italian coffees to Russian borscht, there’s something for everyone.

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