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Preview the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 5 episode 1065 of Friday January 13, 2023 on France 2 with Cécile who is afraid for her couple, Margot her confidante.

Thaïs and Robin a one-sided love story?

The complete summary of telenovela Un si grand soleil dated 01/13/2023 with all the spoilers and preview photos of today’s episode 1065.

Find the complete summary of Such a big sun episode 1065 broadcast on France 2 on Friday 13 January 2023 (see summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episode 1064 is online. offers you the summary for you to read below:

Christophe gets up and sees Cécile packing her bags… she tells him she’s going to Paris for her professional meeting. She thinks it’s nice and that it will do her good to be alone.
Christophe tells Cécile that he is really sorry for his attitude. Cécile is convinced that Christophe is afraid for their family.

Robin finds herself alone tonight as Chloe has a business trip and Evan has to take a graveyard shift.

Alex did some research on Darius, he lived in Grenoble 12 years ago… and his wife disappeared when they were getting divorced. Another case involved a former associate of Darius who was found drowned. Alex and Manu talk about it with Becker… Manu is told by Clément:
If you even oblige an ear to this story, it’s going to end terribly.”

Robin offers Thaïs to come see a movie at home because her parents aren’t there. Thaïs accepts, they meet at home at 7pm. Robin tells her that there is a very good ratatouille made by her mother … Thaïs tells her that she will bring some pizza.
Kira confides in Thaïs: she wants something light… even if she doesn’t know if Robin wants to commit.

Cécile such a big sun

Cécile confides her concern to Margot before the wedding

Louis offers Robin to play tennis to distract him. Robin says he’s busy, has a family dinner…he can’t cancel.

Achille tells Sylvain that he tossed **the sea** between Christophe and Cécile: it annoys him that Cécile is nice to him, with little looks… Achille says he doesn’t know her, he doesn’t want to tell him intimate things. Achille considers Cécile Christophe’s girlfriend. Sylvain thinks it takes time….Cécile just wants to make a connection.

Christophe is in his veterinary office with Charles, he has surgical instruments in his hands and blood… following the castration of a cat. Christophe is on his mind, gets angry with Charles and asks him to clean his fucking tools right away.

Such a big sun in advance episode 1065 of 13 January 2023: Thaïs wants lightness in her relationships

Margot calls Cécile who is in Paris to hear from her. She margot she thinks she can’t marry a man she can’t tell what’s on her mind. Her cécile admits that she is afraid for her couple.

Thaïs brings pizza to Robin’s, he is motivated to watch movies. Thais offers to do something else before kissing in the living room.

Achilles such a big sun

Achille confides his worries to Sylvain (host family)

Evan wasn’t checking his cell phone, Alain had canceled the guard…because he could come. Evan comes home to find Robin, he bought a pizza. Only when he comes home he sees Thaïs and Robin naked on the sofa in the living room. He finally eats on the lobby stairs and announces to Chloe that he’s getting a hotel room.

Christophe has a drink with Ludo: the latter tells him that he is fighting for the wedding speech. Christophe is in bad shape, he admits to Ludo that he only thinks about Ziggy. Ludo tells Christophe that if he loves Cécile, he has to pull himself together…because he’s ruining everything. Christophe replies “I know”.

Highlights Un si grand soleil of 13 January 2023: what to remember

Ludo such a big sun

Ludo supports his friend Christophe

– Evan surprises Robin with Thaïs in the living room
– Christophe can’t get over Ziggy’s disappearance
– Ludo thinks that Christophe ruins everything with Cécile
– Achille confides in Sylvain about the dispute between Cécile and Christophe
– Becker wants Manu and Alex to stop investigating
– Darius Hervé’s partner is a suspect: he has already been involved in murders in his entourage

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