Coulommiers: Happy Time Coffee becomes Happy Time… Place du Marché, Jennifer’s recipes delight our taste buds!

The positive attitude: Happy Time Coffee is reinventing Place du Marché. Since 10 September 2021, a breath of well-being has settled Coulommier, rue du Jariel. After a few months of opening, Jennifer Pinto gives a second life to Happy coffee timemoving his restaurant 13 Market Square. Happy coffee time IT BECOMES happy timea dining room that is still just as welcoming. The mantra? Healthy and gourmet food in a zen space.

We have improved the Happy Time Coffee in the city center ! »

A cocoon of well-being. From decoration to dishes, happy time he puts some sparkle in our lives and offers us to do it eat healthy without feeling guilty, after the first bite. ” Today, it is a restaurant with a healthy, balanced and gourmet diet. Now, we prepare hot dishesthis is what has changed from before. We offer brunch and breakfast formulas. We went from 25 to 50 covers. » Thanks to the expansion of the happy time (with the arrival of hot dishes), the Columériennes no longer come only with friends, but also with family. Anecdotally, the Columériens love the picanha…

Happy Time, a favorite rediscovery. What are the big map changes? ” avocado, salmon… We have always kept our flagship products with our homemade guacamole that we put everywhere on our plates. Our pokes have changedinside you will have guacamole to accompany the rice, we work with fresh salmon. » The quality of the products is a daily watch for the happy time team which guarantees us a healthy and varied diet. In short… Eating your fill healthy has never been easier!

Among the Happy Time classics and revisited dishes… which are the unmissable ones? On the map, Shot of happy time it’s already having its small effect with the regulars. ” You have the Coulommiers Toastthere is melted Brie de Coulommiers, honey, apples and walnuts… It’s delicious! You also have avocado tartarewe have selected 5% Charolais beef (as little fat as possible), the meat is prepared with homemade guacamole… It’s delicious! There is picanha, a very tender Brazilian meat. We kept the cold plate, the pokes, we still have the Madame Avocat. » Our favourite? The dessert, Buenos Dias, fresh and delicious!

Between freshly squeezed homemade juices and exotic hot drinks… Jennifer Pinto’s creations they are not lacking in originality and audacity. Try it for breakfast! ” we propose the good morning formula with coffee, orange juice, pancakes with fruit, honey or banana-chocolate. After you have the good morning formula with a coffee, a cappuccino or a hot chocolatea fresh rainbow juice, toasted buns with butter and jams. Then you have the good weather formula with a hot drink of your choice, a homemade juice of your choicefruit pancakes and toast. Whether you’re a foodie or not, there’s something for everyone! What better way to start a day on the right foot?

Happy Time, a rediscovery. Place du Marché recently installed, Jennifer and her team contribute greatly to the influence of the city centre. With a varied culinary proposal and a decoration that takes us to Puerto Rico, visitors finally take their time to enjoy a good meal. ” We are elsewhere… I wanted to insert a slightly different, sunny and natural universe. We forget our work, we are with friends or our husband. “A suspended moment that will continue in the summer… Jennifer has no shortage of ideas!When the sunny days arrive, I would like to settle down on the terrace evenings with music, kizomba atmosphere and bachata. » Do you want to dance on the Place du Marché? Only a few weeks left to wait… Meanwhile our taste buds train with Happy Time’s hot dishes!

Is it possible to eat healthy without feeling guilty? HAS Happy Time, you no longer need to count the calories of your meals. Enjoy the gourmet dishes and homemade beverages Jennifer dreamed up! Our advice? Take time to breathe during your visit.

  • Happy Time is open Tuesday to Thursday, 10:00 to 14:00, Friday to Saturday from from 10:00 to 14:00 then from 19:00 to 22:00 The meeting is at 13 Place du Marché in Coulommiers.

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