PSG Press Review: Messi, Mbappé, Ekitike, ready…

Seen and read of PSG in the French press this Friday January 13, 2023. The meeting between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé almost a month after the World Cup final. Hugo Ekitike and his new dimension, possible departures this winter but not on loan …

In today’s edition, The Parisian evokes the meeting between Lionel Messi And Kylian Mbappe. The two PSG strikers have not met since the Champions League final world Cup betweenArgentina and the France. The Parisian number 7 had returned early while Pulga celebrated his title in his native country. When the Argentine (35) returned to training, the Frenchman (24) was on holiday. But yesterday they met at Field lodge. And according to information from the Ile-de-France newspaper, the embrace between the two players ” it was hot in the intimacy of the locker room. ” Although they are not bound by a strong friendship, “lThe two stars have a deep respect for each other and have shown equal satisfaction at being reunited. » Kylian Mbappe And Lionel Messi it should be on the same ground again when you move reindeer Sunday evening (8.45pm, First video) as part of the 19th day shock of League 1. They should be accompanied by their friend’s MNM extension, Neymar.But Christophe Galtier he will continue to carefully manage the three men to bring them to their best physical level ” in the first leg of the round of 16 of Champions League against the Bayern Monaco next February 14th. ” Nothing therefore says that they will be aligned at kick-off this Sunday in the Breton lands“, he concludes The Parisian.

The Parisian which it also focuses on Hugo Ekitike. After a difficult start in the shirt of PSG, the young forward (20 years old) is starting to find his place in the Rouge & Bleu attack. He remains on four goals and two assists in his last six games. ” In recent days he packed his bags in his new home after the first few months lived in a room Royal Monceau. » A necessary phase for your daily acclimatization of PSG it’s at ” tumult of the capital “The Ile-de-France newspaper assures us. Ekitike what time do you hear best installed, within the workforce of Christophe Galtier like in life. “If she always had the confidence of Kylian Mbappewhose codes and mentality it shares“, saw that of Lionel Messi you hate Neymar to grow up. Although within the PSG he has ” a multifaceted role“He has a very specific goal, to play with top strikers. A request from his coach,” seized and applied. As he accumulates playing time and his four goals, he gains confidence on the pitch and stands out for his realism in front of goal. ” Four out of eleven shots attempted in the last five games. » The Parisian which concludes by explaining that his goal in front of Anger it could be his goals to score. »

The Ile-de-France newspaper also mentions the deficit of 389 million euros at the end of the 2021-2022 season, the largest of the five big leagues. This can be explained by ” a wonderful transfer window (Messi, Donnarumma, Ramos, Hakimi…), early elimination in Champions League and the still perceptible consequences of covid. ” The PSG he also has a payroll of €728m, which is up 45% on last season. It is higher than the club’s revenues, which were estimated at €670 million the previous year. But this situation is not alarming for all that it assures The Parisian. ” The fact that the revenues are exceeded by the costs is almost common. In case of PSGI wouldn’t say it’s worrying” , Explain Antonio DiCiannidirector of the department of economics and football strategy at Football landmark, an institution that in its annual report has revealed the numbers of the eight major European championships. the PSG which can count on the increase of certain incomes thanks to the arrival of Lionel Messi during the summer of 2021. This has also allowed the capital club to sign some lucrative sponsorship deals.

On his side, The group summons the transfer window of PSG. The latter should look calm. As explained Christophe Galtier, there will be an arrival if there is a departure. Ile-de-France newspaper explains that “ if any players are currently in talks to leave the club, this cannot be done on loan: the PSG he met his quota for the season. Indeed, Rouge & Bleu have already loaned eight players over the age of 21 abroad this season (Icardi, Diallo, Wijnaldum, Kurzawa, Herrera, Draxler And Paredes). ” The FIFA now limit the number of reverse transactions to this number. ” The PSG so he can’t lend players this winter” a further constraint in a transfer window where some could be forced to leave the club‘, unless one of his loan players is sold outright, which does not appear to be the case.

The name that jumps out the most for a possible departure this winter is to Paul Sarabia. Even though he didn’t explicitly ask his coaches to leave, he did let it be known that he wanted more playing time.” If a solution that fits all is found, no one will oppose his departure“, assures the sports daily. the PSG does not intend to sell out the player, who is in the crosshairs of Wolverhamptonanother club of Premier League is one of League whose names were not filtered. The chance to see the old man Sporty leave before the end of the transfer window is still high indicates The group. For Keylor Navascoating of Donnarumma, the loan solution seemed the only plausible option, assures the sports newspaper. ” Even if several clubs have informed themselves in recent days, for the moment there is no start of negotiations.. » Luis Campo would have already anticipated the possible departure of the former Madrid player by aiming for potential replacements” but Paris it will move only in case of certain sale, to avoid upsetting the market“, he noted The group.

The sports newspaper that also evokes the presence since the beginning of the year 2023 of Sensitive Pasquale at the head of the recruiting cell of the PSG. Se will be responsible for coordinating player observation on behalf of the PSGthe Italian (51) will also take on the role, unpublished a ParisOf ” Loan Player Supervisor. He will be responsible for observing but also for meeting the borrowers. » The groupand explains it Luis Campo he wants to be able to make the most of his players moving to another club. ” With the ambition to find them better, either to reintegrate them into the workforce, or to sell them better and thus make a financial profit. » The group which also evokes the market des Féminines du PSG. Allyson SwabyJamaican international who plays in central defence City of Angels (United States of America) must engage in the coming days with Rouge & Bleu. His arrival must compensate for a possible departure ofEstella Cascarino in Manchester United.

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