PSG: Mbappé “is ready to play” in Rennes, confirms Christophe Galtier

In a press conference, before the away match in Rennes this Sunday evening at the end of the 19th day of Ligue 1, Christophe Galtier spoke about the news of his team, confirming in particular the return to competitions of Kylian Mbappé. The Parisian coach is expecting a difficult game against a formidable opponent, who remain on an eight-game winning streak at home.

Is Kylian Mbappé ready to play and is he starting to digest the defeat in the World Cup final?

CHRISTOPHER GALTIER. He has recovered well and is ready to play, like Achraf Hakimi. I had just returned from the World Cup about his sensations, but it doesn’t seem marked by disappointment for not having won this trophy. He trains like a great professional.

How do you explain the lack of attacking input from your midfielders?

It is also related to the characteristics of our team that can evolve in different systems. They are not very involved in goals because we also have forwards who score a lot and that is important. Our game is made up of combinations, I ask them to be present in the construction and to support the attackers to have a great reaction to defeat. If we can improve our attacking contribution, of course we will, but there are also a lot of rotations in the centre, absent players.

From what news Marco Verretti (expired at Rennes due to quadriceps pain) and how heavy is his absence?

Marco is an important player. The presence of him means that you can play in different systems, he has the science of positioning, technical quality. Marco is fine, he will resume racing very soon to resume competitions quickly.

You have often said that the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio should be given freedom, what do you ask them tactically?

Since I want them to have a lot of freedom, I ask our circles to support our aggressors. At a tactical level there is obviously the research to counter the opponent’s exits but at an offensive level I make sure that Kylian, Ney and Leo can evolve in their best area and that they are in the best conditions. After all, it’s their qualities that make the difference. The most important thing is to free them up to be the most productive in their best area.

“We need to be more killers”

How did their reunion go and is it really important that they stay together a month away from Bayern?

Yes it is important. The meeting went very well. Our workforce has been dispersed for almost two months. Today we are starting to find co-op sessions, not with the entirety, but during sessions we try to ensure that players find connection. Everyone started with their own selection, our automatisms have been put aside, it’s up to us to make sure they can rediscover the pleasure of playing together, reconnect, and have much more connection than what we had in the first post-World Cup games.

On August 21 you beat Lille 7-1, what was there that day that you would like to see in your team’s match?

If we had more games like this, it would be great. It would be good for our health, we would be more serene. It was the story of a match, we had unleashed an impressive collective force. You have to find other things. Was it tied to a system? We were in a three-man defense. The system and animation depends on the available players and we had some absentees for a while. We need to find much more intensity and much more reaction to defeat, and above all having fewer technical differences, on this level it is insufficient. I talked to some players about it this morning. We must also be more murderous and give less hope to our adversaries.

How do you see the Rennes team?

We always like to watch Stade Rennais, and it is also the work of Bruno Genesio. It’s a team that projects itself in attack, there’s quality even if it has lost an important player with Martin Terrier, to whom I wish a good recovery. He will miss Benjamin Bourigeaud which is also important. Among the serious injuries I am also thinking of Xeka, Santamaria is still absent, but he remains a formidable opponent. I am convinced that we will play a very rhythmic, very busy game, we will have to be very good technically to avoid Rennes’ transitions and be vigilant in the low block because they are a team that poses big problems.

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