Rennes, MNM, Parc des Princes…

Seen and read by PSG in the French press this Sunday 15 January 2023. The match against the Stade Rennais, the return of the attacking trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappé, the dangerous trip to Roazhon Park, the mayor of Paris closes the door to a sale of the Parco dei Principi, the scathing response from PSG.

In today’s edition, The group evokes this shock of 19th day of Ligue 1 between Rennais stadium and the PSG this Sunday evening (20:45 First video). And for the first time since November 13 (5-0 against AJ Auxerre), Christophe Galtier should field his famous attacking trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappe. One month from the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League in front of Bayern Monaco (February 14), the return of the MNM extension it’s good news for the championship leader. “This gives him time to accelerate and refine his automatisms that the stop of national competitions for a month and a half could have blocked a bit. » With its three stars, the PSG he is unbeatable this season. They have played together 14 times in all competitions for a total of 12 wins and 2 draws, or 86% of wins. “Without one of them this percentage remains very high, at 75% (9 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat), but Paris score less and create fewer situations: 43 goals and 16.6 shots per game with the MNM extension against 28 goals and 12.5 when one of them doesn’t play”details THE. However, with their presence, the team block is less compact and allows more chances and goals (0.9 goals per game against 0.7).

But the PSG above all, one must be vigilant when moving on the grass of the Roazhon Park. In recent seasons, in fact, the reigning French champion has gotten used to leaving points Brittany winless in their last three away games a reindeer (one draw and two defeats). Especially that the Rennais stadium he has won his last eight fights in his paddock. A resemblance to the RC lensthe only winner of PSG this season (3-1, January 1). And the Rennes coach, Bruno Genesisintends to rely on this Lensoise win to bring down the league leader: “We have to take inspiration from what lens. But it is another context, without taking anything away from Lensois. It’s also another context compared to our victory last season (2-0). When we have already beaten the PSG, it gives confidence, it shows that we are capable of doing it again, but it will be completely different. » Especially that the SRFC will have to compose without Martin Terrier And Xekainjured, while Benjamin Bourgeaud And Heated Omari they are suspended.

The sports newspaper returns to the firm words of the mayor of Paris, Anna Hidalgoabout Princes Park : “It will not be sold. This is a firm and definitive position. But of course you have to accompany the PSG in its desire and need for renovation, increase in capacity, modernization of Park. Remember, however, that context is limited. Part of the stadium is on the ring road, so you can’t dig in. » Internally at the club, we are talking about a “financial suicide” OfHidalgo. Indeed, the PSGthrough the various speeches of its president Nasser al-Khelaifialways wanted to acquire the stage of the Gate of Saint Cloud and would have made an offer of 40M€, rejected by city ​​Hall who estimates the price of Princes Park between 200 and 350 million euros. Always the city ​​Hall aims to extend the long lease. Faced with this refusal to sell, the capital club will now carry out studies to find a new place in which to set up its enclosure. ” The Stade de France is a runway, although so far there is no contact between the two directions and the casing does not respond to what the PSG »accurate THE. Saint Cloud racecourse is another option, just like Poissythe place where the new training center will be built.

On his side, The Parisian also examine this encounter between the Rennais stadium and the PSGwhich will close the 19th day of the championship, and more specifically on the reunification between Lionel Messi And Kylian Mbappe. The two players will meet again on the field, one month after the final of world Cupwon by Argentine in front of France. Now the two strikers are focused on the club’s next matches and aim for the double confrontation Bayern Monaco in Champions League (February 14 / March 8). “For them as for the PSGit is the moment of the sacred union between Mbappe And Messi. » While not close friends, the two players share a deep respect for each other. Especially since they have demonstrated great technical complicity on the field since their collaboration in the summer of 2021. “Of the 43 games they started together, Messi provided 15 assists per Mbappe And Mbappe 11 for Messi. They look for each other, they find each other and, above all, they complement each other”assures LP. While they are the two favorites to lift the next Golden Ball, “their chances would be significantly reduced in case of going out of the round of 16 European Cup or a lost title League 1. »

As for the other member of the MNM extension, Neymar Jr, has been discreet since his return to competition. However, he will have the opportunity to reform the attacking trio with Lionel Messi And Kylian Mbappe. But it remains to be seen whether the Brazilian will have the same motivations as before the World Cup. “‘We may have hastened his return’ says a close friend of the club today, referring to going off the road (his expulsion) against Strasbourg. » If he seemed physically ready, the Parisian number 10 is perhaps still feeling the effects morally after his elimination in the quarterfinals of world Cup with the Brazil. Hanging in front lens and at rest against Châteaurouxthe 30-year-old striker “he took advantage of this period of time to treat his ailments”, starting with the right ankle, severely affected during international competitions. In front of Anger (2-0) this Wednesday, Neymar she showed no signs of pain, she points out LP. From now on, the former Barcelona player’s investment will be closely scrutinized after 15 goals and 13 assists in 22 games. Still under contract until 2027, the Rouge & Bleu management wanted to part ways with their Brazilian last summer, but “He put this position on hold during the season. »

Finally, the Île-de-France newspaper highlights the fierce response of the PSG following recent remarks by the mayor of Paris, Anna Hidalgowho refuses to sell the Princes Park. “Everyone loses in the decision made by the mayor. the Paris Saint-Germain is now forced to find alternative options to transfer the club, depriving it Paris of an important investment due to its attractiveness. This is not the result that the club, nor its fans, hoped for (…) By definitively closing the takeover discussions that began a long time ago and rejecting our very significant investment to renew the Parkthe mayor forces the PSG to leave his home and imposes a tax burden of several million euros on Parisian taxpayers. » In this case, the Parisian club does not feel supported by the city ​​Hall in its development project. On the side of city ​​Hallwe would like to resume discussions “in a more calm and confidential way”but it remains complicated under such conditions, especially with the departure of Jean-Claude Blancwho was the privileged interlocutor of this dossier. “The record of Princes Park still seems far from closed”concludes LP.

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