These dishes that make the web panic

For those surfing social media, the last few months have been full of culinary discoveries. Various sweet or savory dishes are gaining popularity for the pleasure of gourmets. If some are revisited classics, others are true revelations of taste.

The poke bowl revisited

Kristel Froger, food blogger, lets you discover her tandoori chicken bowl recipe on The poke bowl, a Hawaiian specialty traditionally based on raw fish, vegetables and rice, is a complete dish that has been revisited in many ways because it is very trendy and adapted to all cultures. Kristel had prepared this recipe for a tea room located in Giverny, Normandy, and had decided to do an Instagram Live with Angie Callychurn, former Miss Supranational Africa and Miss Universe Mauritius, to cook this recipe live for you.

Pad thai enveloping version

Pad Thai

Nutritionist Celina Maurel offers a revisited version of the Thai pad thai dish. She replaces the rice noodles with rice paper rolls into which she puts all the ingredients for a pad thai. An equally quick version to make. For his part, the food vlogger Johan Hyacinthe, alias Juan_seato, publishes a series of videos on social networks proposing revisited noodles. We discover in particular his version of pad thai with chicken sides, rice noodles and tamarind concentrate, grilled pistachio and dried chilli.

Burrito bowl: a healthy and colorful dish

Burrito bowl

The burrito bowl is another meal trend in the lines of smoothie bowls or Buddha bowls. But it is above all practical for composing a balanced and tasty dish, to eat at home or take to work since it can be eaten hot or cold like a salad. The burrito bowl is, as the name suggests, inspired by burritos, a Mexican specialty. For a good burrito bowl, we take the time to cook a good piece of chicken that has flavor. For example, it is grilled for a slightly smoky taste or marinated in barbecue sauce before cooking. The burrito bowl also includes black beans. For the rest it can be customized with vegetables of your choice, such as zucchini or tomato cut into strips. Bet on brown rice or rice with jasmine or coconut. To dress your burrito bowl, opt for a white caesar-like sauce.

Pasta Chips: The perfect snack

Pasta Chips

A trend that has emerged from social networks, french fries are a hit on TikTok as they have been viewed 1.1 billion times. They are crunchy to perfection, simple to prepare and very original. An ideal recipe when you have last minute guests and you have nothing to eat. It is cooked, seasoned and fried pasta without oil.

Butter board: the trendy aperitif

butter table

If you’re not really connected, you probably don’t know about the popular butter board trend. After the platter of cold cuts, this is garnished with soft butter decorated with all kinds of condiments, herbs, fruit, edible flowers. A few slices of toasted bread or some crackers and you will amaze your guests. To reproduce a butter platter at home you need: 250 g of semi-salted butter, fresh herbs, spices, fruit (raw, dried or toasted) of your choice and a few dried flowers. First let the butter soften at room temperature before spreading it on a wooden appetizer board.

The mug cake for the sweet tooth

cup cake

To prepare a mug cake, take a cup, add all the ingredients, mix and cook in the microwave. Childlike simplicity. Classic with a vanilla recipe, gourmet with the chocolate version or original with the mug cookie, the mug cake delights sweet palates.

Oat cakes

oatmeal cakes

Oats are a good substitute for flour. These oatmeal cakes couldn’t be more mouth-watering and were unanimous on social networks. These are little cupcakes made with oatmeal and your favorite gourmet twist: chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, and even mushrooms or tomatoes for savory versions. You’ll have fun!

Cloud bread or cloud bread

Cloud bread or cloud bread

One of the trendiest specialties of social networks is undoubtedly cloud bread. This magical cake looks more like meringue than bread. Without flour, therefore gluten-free and low in calories, preparing it is child’s play. The ingredients: eggs, sugar, corn starch and vanilla flavouring.

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