La Noceria: the new tapas address on the Sentier

To sample delicious tapas, it’s in the heart of the historic Sentier district that you’ll need to go in 2023! A lively and cheerful room, the warm smile of Clara, the host of the place and a menu with good homemade products will quickly convince you to go and discover La Noceria! Head to 58 rue d’Aboukir to travel for an evening between the Basque Country and Spain.

At the origin of Noceria

Under this Spanish-sounding name, however, it is the “nocerie” that inspired La Noceria. Indeed, this spirit of celebration, sharing and large tables is the very essence of the restaurant. Here we share our table, the walls are colorful and festive and the atmosphere is relaxed. At the helm of this new tapas restaurant, Clara and Said who want to enhance and update these comforting small dishes. These two acolytes had real crushes on the job. In addition, Clara’s experience in the art world has led her to work with artisans and emerging artists, who are reminiscent of the South in every corner.

The atmosphere of the Noceria

Synonymous with sharing and generosity, the concept is available from noon to midnight, non-stop. Thus, in Spanish, you will find a counter full of Pintxos for a nod to the Basque Country. There are also tapas to share, typical dishes or even sweets to try urgently, especially the famous churros con chocolate. With its open kitchen, to leave room for appetizing scents and Hispanic vibes, the restaurant seats around 80 indoors and 20 seats on the terrace.

The elements complete the atmosphere of the place. Thus, terracotta, lime, marble, ceramic or even wood guarantee a total immersion in the Iberian Peninsula. The choice of noble and natural materials was obvious. Everything is done to make you feel good and to spend a pleasant evening with friends.

On the menu

Beyond the decoration and atmosphere of the place, the cuisine also transports us to Spain. Thus, behind the stove we find the chef Yohan Bernard, originally from the south-west.

After learning his skills from Fouquet and alongside Christian Etchebest, he became passionate about the culture of sharing and the assortment of flavours.

Yohan Bernard transcribes in this new menu the desire to (re)discover the culinary heritage that shook his childhood and his love for Spanish gastronomy.

A menu between land and sea, with Mediterranean accents and to be enjoyed without moderation! Thus we find traditional dishes of Spanish culture and the Basque Country, with the famous patatas bravas, baked piquillos, tortillas or even mushrooms au gratin with Ossau Iraty, the chef’s Proust madeleine! The quantities are generous so don’t hesitate to get together to taste everything!

All products are carefully chosen by the chef. Therefore, the cured meats are among the best in Iberia and the extra virgin olive oil comes from a family, traditional and sustainable production in Cordoba. La Noceria also collaborates with the Boulangerie du Sentier, which produces all the bread assortments on the menu (red label flour, DOP butter, reduced salt and gluten content).

A surprising cocktail card

In Spanish, the evening does not stop with dishes to share! Thus, until two in the morning, it is possible to enjoy the cheerful and subdued atmosphere of the restaurant. All while sipping unique cocktails, real highlights of the menu. The cocktail list, in fact, is designed by a young prodigy of mixology, Hugo, passionate about Gin and original recipes. Creations with or without alcohol, thought in balance with the food menu for fair and coherent pairings. Surprising and explosive ingredients punctuate the recipes on the menu, such as squid ink, hibiscus, CBD-infused alcohol, rhubarb mousse or even peppers and spices from around the world.

Our opinion on the Noceria

From the welcome to the dessert, the Noceria is good! During the week or at the weekend the tables fill up quickly and confirm that the place is warm and welcoming. Here we share our dishes, everything is generous and the quality is there! Finally, the cocktail list, one more original and tasty than the other, completes the picture perfectly.

La Noceria is therefore an excellent address for an evening with friends or as a couple, sharing and conviviality are the keywords of the place! We advise you to go and find out for yourself!

The Noceria

58 rue d’Aboukir, Paris II

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00 to 2:00

Instagram: @lanoceria

Metros: Sentier, Bonne Nouvelle, Réaumur Sebastopol

Elodie Quincieux for Kiss my chef

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