The “Silent laugh tour”, a recipe against melancholy

“We were given an appointment at the Auxerre swimming pool to participate in something unique in France. We no longer know. It’s the Kinder Surprise!” Roxane Mehdaoui declared with a smile on Sunday morning 15 January 2023.

The forty-year-olds had in fact accepted, like twenty Icaunais, to participate in a session of the new multisensory and beneficial concept imagined by Sandra Cachon, life coach and laughter.

A Dutch concept born twenty years ago

In this case, the silent laughter tourexperience inspired by silent disco or “silent disco” created in the Netherlands in 2002. “I discovered this practice in October 2022 during a trip to London and wanted to develop it here,” testified Sandra Cachon a few minutes before this auxerroise sequence.

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His goal? “It’s about walking, laughing, dancing, singing, breathing in a playful way”, explained the one who launched the activity locally in November 2022 and created the Embellir le monde di SC association in Appoigny in recent days (of of which he is co-president with Sandra Centonze). This, in order to democratize this liberating discipline.

“This exercise allows you to let go, gain self-confidence and get rid of the gaze of others. It also has beneficial effects on breathing.”

An auditory bubble that invites you to activate the other senses

Headphones on, positive music in the ears, the participants of the day were thus immersed in an auditory bubble, as if protected from the outside world and from the looks of ordinary people. Indulge all sorts of fancy on a 1.5-hour stroll along the quays of the Yonne. With the aim of “setting the tone for 2023”. In joy and sharing.

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After a timid start, finally everyone got involved and didn’t hesitate to dance, sing or make grand gestures to show their happiness at being there and living in the present moment. All under the wise advice, on the microphone, of Sandra.

“The secret of happiness is also feeling gratitude towards the world around us.”

Sandra Cacon (empty)

A liberating exercise

The approximately twenty participants walked around the statue of Paul-Bert on the bridge of the same name.
Between two pieces by Clara Luciani or Kassav, he alternately invited his students of the day to greet passers-by – often amused by this approach, to relieve tension by brandishing an imaginary saber or pulling out his claws.

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Hermetic to the outside world, the latter even allowed themselves to go around the statue of Paul-Bert. To see their happy face, there is no doubt that this joyful sensory experience, imbued with fullness, will have been successful.

The practice is becoming more democratic in France

It was however the last of its kind in Auxerre – “at least in this form” – after some previous sessions in the capital of the Icaunaise, in other communes of the department and also in Niort (79) and Paris.

But Sandra Cachon promises: “Other experiences will soon be offered in other cities”. Participants for the day will certainly not be lacking for anything in the world.

Arnaud Carrier

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