7 speeches to take up the challenge in Strasbourg

If Dry January is trendy at the beginning of the year, another challenge is on the way. This is the Veganuary. The concept is simple: eat vegan throughout the month of January. And if you get there, why not continue? Here is a list of different addresses in Strasbourg, to help you change your diet in 2023.

Finding a 100% vegan address is getting easier in Strasbourg. In recent years, many restaurateurs have established themselves in the Alsatian capital with a single objective: to offer a menu without the presence of products of animal origin. Broadcast by the L214 association, the Veganuary challenge offers the most curious and curious the opportunity to test veganism during this month of January.

Whether it’s a hearty meal or just a tea-time snack, we list 7 addresses to treat you as you accept the challenge.

The “Origin” café.

Located at 122 Grand’Rue, “Origin” is a newcomer among Strasbourg addresses. Open since June 2022, the coffee-shop offers a 100% vegan and organic menu. Here no ingredient of animal origin has its place. From pain au chocolat to sandwiches, vegans and vegetarians will love it. The shop draws inspiration from London addresses: on the other side of the Channel, the pastries are self-service and this is also the case at “Origin” where customers eat in a relaxed, vegetal atmosphere.

Origin, 122 Grand’Rue, 67000 Strasbourg
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© Origin

Vélicious, the essential

Vélicious is an institution of vegetable cuisine in Strasbourg: it is one of the first restaurants to have proposed a 100% vegan concept in the Alsatian capital. Today the place is one of the essential addresses! Here the watchword is “homemade”. The products are in season and the pastry will delight the hungriest. A food corner allows even the sweet tooth to take home a little sweetness.

Vélicious, 43 rue Geiler, 67000 Strasbourg
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Vélicious vegan dishes image00032
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

Végéman and Velicious Burger: fat vegan version

Végéman is the first vegan kebab in Strasbourg. In this brand located at 18 rue des Bateliers, beef, chicken or lamb are replaced by seitan (a soy protein). If the concept may surprise you at first, the result is no less delicious. The cartel name is slightly similar to that of Vélicious, and that’s normal! Végéman is part of the same brand and Vélicious Burger completes the trio.

Vegetarian, 18 rue des Bateliers, 67000 Strasbourg
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Harmony bowl and juice

Located at 5 rue Saint-Étienne, this family restaurant offers vegan, organic, gluten-free and seasonal cuisine. Just that ! Meylee, naturopath, is inspired by the flavors of Asia to make her dishes. The address offers a large selection of fresh fruit juices and teas. The restaurant-café also allows customers to buy take-away fermented vegetables: an opportunity for them to revisit the dishes according to their wishes.

Harmony Bowl & Juice, 5 rue Saint-Étienne, 67000 Strasbourg
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bowl of buddah bowl of harmony and juiceimage00029
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

The grocery store “Envie Végane”.

If you don’t want to put your feet under the table, but rather put on an apron and be in the kitchen, this address is for you. Going beyond the door, you will find all the ingredients needed to make good sauces, based on vegan products. “Envie Végane” also offers 100% vegetable cosmetics and household products.

Envie Végane, 34 rue de la Krutenau, 67000 Strasbourg
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vegan wish
© Envie Vegane


Located at 24 rue Sainte-Madeleine, this family address offers a rich and varied menu, with one specialty: pizza. There is something for all tastes! If you don’t like this recipe from Italian cuisine, don’t panic. Pasta, salads, gratins… Au Potiron offers its customers a choice. Of course, all dishes are vegan. The restaurant is quite small, but enough to enjoy.

At the Pumpkin, 24 rue Sainte-Madeleine, 67000 Strasbourg
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Vegan restaurant credit Au pumpkin Au poitiron
© Pumpkin


Embark on a culinary journey – this restaurant offers dishes from all over the world! The portions are generous and the dishes colorful. You will be offered a different menu every week, complete dishes, such as penne with soy cream and white wine, stewed with red onions and dried figs. A small terrace allows regular customers to sunbathe when the weather is nice. The small canteen is only open at noon on weekdays.

Arundo, 19 Rue Geiler, 67000 Strasbourg
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