How to successfully bake your apple pie?

How to successfully bake your apple pie? Getty Images

Apple pie is a must in pastry, you still need to know how to prepare and cook it. All our tips for successfully baking your apple pie.

What baking time for a successful apple pie?

Apple pie is the perfect accompaniment for two seasons, fall and winter. This seasonal fruit is delicious when prepared to perfection. Cake dough also needs to be well cooked to have a successful dessert. A homemade tart won’t take as long to cook as a pre-made puff pastry or shortcrust pastry. If the dough is industrial, you have to rely on the preparation advice.

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For homemade pie crust, there are two methods: pre-bake the homemade pie crust or bake the pie crust directly with the apples. The first option saves the dough from moisture released by the fruit. Some, on the other hand, appreciate this subtle taste given by the apples to the dough. In any case, preheat the oven to 180°C. Cooking time may vary, but 35 minutes is usually sufficient. Depending on individual tastes, this time can be increased or decreased by 5 to 10 minutes. Some prefer soft dough, some prefer crunchy dough.

If the dough was previously blind baked, only the apples should be baked. In this case, 15 minutes is enough to cook the fruit and complete the cooking of the dough. A little more gourmet, at the end of cooking, it is recommended to add apricot jam on top of the cake once cooked. This garnish makes the fruit shiny and adds a sweet taste.

How to successfully bake your apple pie?

To successfully bake an apple pie, a few tricks help. When selecting the prebake option, you need to watch the edges of the pie dough. As soon as a light color appears, it’s time to remove the pie crust from the oven and top it with apples. If the dough has to wait a while before being filled and put back in the oven, there is another trick to prevent the dough from softening. This involves placing the dough on a wire rack. Ventilation allows moisture to escape.

To successfully bake the dough, it is also recommended to refrigerate it. Once the dough is done, it should be left in the fridge for an hour. When rolling out the dough in the mold, handling will be easier and during cooking, the retraction will be very slight. As for apples, you don’t need to pre-cook them. However, it is recommended to cut them equally thin to avoid cooking gaps between the apple pieces.

Cooking apple pie: how to reheat it?

Apple pie has the disadvantage of getting soft if it’s not eaten entirely on the same day. However, there is a little-known trick which consists in cooking the pie crust blindly, after having previously brushed it with egg white. This trick makes the shortcrust pastry waterproof.

It is also possible to put almond powder on the bottom of the cake. The powder absorbs the moisture released by the fruit. If there isn’t enough time to do any of these things, there’s a trick to reheating apple pie once it’s baked. To successfully bake an apple pie, even the next day, it is essential to avoid the microwave to reheat it. This operation softens the dough and prevents you from enjoying all the flavors of a homemade apple pie.

The best way to reheat a cake is to reheat it in the oven. Another trick to make an apple pie delicious even the next day, you can make a vanilla sugar cream to cover the apple pie. The tasty dressing will make you forget about any imperfections.

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