New in Lille. Tu Brilles, the restaurant where you can have brunch every day

The Tu Brilles restaurant and tea room will soon open in Lille. You can enjoy brunches here throughout the week. (© Brilli)

This new address it could very well become your favorite place Lilac. Yes, that’s it! Located at 246 rue Léon Gambetta, You shine it’s a restaurant And tea Room where you can get a brunch (almost) Every day of the week. On the menu are the great classics such as avocado toast and pancakes, but also recipes from all over the world. Much more than a place to eat good comfort foodTu Brilles is also a benevolent address where you can attend events around Welfare. The opening is scheduled between mid-February and early March 2023

From engineering school to restoration

The future brunch temple of Lille. This is how Wassila describes his restaurant on social media. Although she has always enjoyed cooking for her loved ones, nothing predestined the 24-year-old young woman to embark on the restaurant business.

During these five years of study at the engineering school, he was able to do an 8-month internship in Vietnam. “There I discovered the food markets. And I also went to brunch very often with my roommates. The student, who then followed a classic pattern without question, then started dreaming of something else. What if one day he too opened his restaurant?

It was on rue Gambetta that Wassila found the place to open his weeklong brunch concept.
It was on rue Gambetta that Wassila found the place to open his weeklong brunch concept. (©HM/Lille news)

Back in France for her fifth year of engineering, she chose the “entrepreneurship” option. The “Tu Brilles” project is gradually starting to see the light. “I started thinking about a restaurant where you eat comfort food. But it would also be a place where we could attend inspiring people talks and other wellness events. »

First delivery brunches

As soon as he obtained student-entrepreneur status, Wassila decided to get started. But first by offering home brunch delivery. Launched in May 2021, he’s service is a success. “First it was relatives who ordered, then with word of mouth and the power of Instagram, people I didn’t know ordered brunches for me too. The feedback is unanimous: everything is very good! Normal, the young woman prepares everything herself with seasonal products.

Reassured to know that her concept is popular, and as soon as she finishes her studies in September 2021, the young entrepreneur starts looking for a place. Long and boring searches that almost discouraged the young woman. After many vicissitudes, she recovers the keys to an old Thai restaurant in rue Gambetta: the Tok Tok.

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Wassila immediately fell in love with this place: a large space with thirty seats and an internal courtyard at the back to set up a large terrace. Work began last December and the young woman hopes to be able to open “mid February, early March” if all goes well.

Salty and sweet all day long

As soon as Tu Brilles opens, the young woman hopes to offer brunches “every day of the week from 10am to 7pm. But from Wednesday to Sunday to start. But why specialize in brunch? “Because it is a kitchen synonymous with comfort, which puts balm in the heart. It corresponds to the side of well-being that I too want to develop. And to seduce everyone, Wassila has thought of proposing the great classics, such as avocado toast, eggs benedict and its muffins and hollandaise sauce or even the ever-present pancakes.

There are also dishes inspired by world cuisine. “For example toast with red pesto, halloumi and aubergines. At noon you can also order hot bowls prepared with, for example, Egyptian rice, chicken, sweet potatoes and zaatar spice.

Wassila is also very proud to offer a sandwich that has earned unanimous acclaim at delivery brunches. “It’s the sandwich my grandmother used to make when I was little, she has always been an excellent cook. This sandwich, made with traditional Algerian bread, chicken, shock, carrots and a sauce, will bear the name of Wassila’s grandmother. Obviously all these dishes will be entitled to their vegetarian version.

Who says brunch, also says sweet pleasures. These are of course the pancakes, which will be served with seasonal fruit (apples-pears caramelized in winter) and whipped cream. But also carrot cake, banana bread, brownies, biscuits, muesli bowls… “We can come at 11 or 3, between salty and sweet”, assures the business manager.

A place of life and events

Finally, Tu Brilles will also be a “benevolent place” where it will be possible to meet and discuss. Wassila wants to organize “coffee between entrepreneurs, talks with inspiring people who will share their experiences. The idea is to create events around well-being, with good music, different profiles so that everyone can feel involved. »

The program will be unveiled little by little on the restaurant’s social networks. To keep up to date, follow Tu Brilles on Instagram.

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