World Pizza Day: these 9 Parisian addresses are our favorites for enjoying pizzas very well

It is celebrated on January 17th world pizza day. A far from random date that corresponds in the calendar to the day of Sant’Antonio Abate, protector of pizza makers and bakers. Established in 2018, to celebrate the recognition of the Neapolitan pizza recipe as an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco, it has since become a tradition that serves as a pretext (as if there were any need) for the most gluttonous gourmets to delight themselves with this popular transalpine dish that undoubtedly reigns supreme among the most popular in the whole world.

For the occasion, to honor this true blessing of Neapolitan gastronomy, we hasten to one of these addresses which do not fail to sublimate it or which at least master the art of pizza to perfection. Non-exhaustive anthology of our favorites.

World Pizza Day: 9 Parisian pizzerias to try without further ado


At Pizzou, a brand with three offices in Île-de-France, we claim 100% made in France pizzas, “worked like in Italy, but garnished with local products”. Understand from this, ingredients that highlight the best that the French terroir has to offer: from flour, to cured meats, passing through cheeses or vegetables. All coming in short circuit from carefully selected producers. Our favorite “pizzou”? Undoubtedly, Comté Partiro not only for the pun, but also for his recipe which gives pride of place to tomatoes from Provence, grilled aubergines, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from the Ferme 4 Étoiles in the Yvelines and finally 24 months – old Comté shavings. Delightful.

Pizza19 Rue Ernest Renan, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

great mom

Is there still a need to introduce Big Mamma, whose trattorias are an institution wherever they are established in Europe? In Paris there are 8 of them, which take our taste buds to the four corners of Italy. For World Pizza Day, the Big Mamma team puts the small pizza dishes into the big ones to delight our palate with new recipes: XXL version Neapolitan pizza for even more kiffance at BigLove and Libertino, fried pizza (folded in half and then drenched ) boiling oil like a slipper) at Mamma Primi, pizza with very generous edges at Ober Mamma, Pink Mamma and East Mamma, or pizza by the slice at Felicita, there is more than a little pleasure.

The addresses great mom : to discover here

mime group

Gruppomimo is not afraid to say it: “Italy is our whole life for us”. A motto they strive to respect through a trendy, comforting and warm menu offering a wide selection of Neapolitan pizzas prepared with love to warm the heart of gourmets. Among the hot novelties for 2023, the delicious Coppa Zucca (butternut cream, fior di latte mozzarella, Provola, Coppa & basil) or the tasty Diabolo Diavola (tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, spicy Calabrian flatbread, candied shallots, ricotta, lime zest and basil), of which not a single crumb will remain.

mime group17 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris


Neapolitan by origin, Giuseppe Cutraro, the pizza maker at the helm of the Peppe pizzerias has achieved the double feat of being elected world champion of pizza in 2019 and chef of the best pizzeria in the world in 2022. Two awards, a guarantee of quality, which he owes to little careless secrets, including the use of a mixture of three flours and a hydrated yeast that guarantee perfectly moist pizzas. As good on the palate as they are beautiful on the plate, Peppe’s pizzas make us crack every time we go back.

Pepe’s Pizzeria61 R. des Martyrs, 75009 Paris


Since the world of pizza ultimately wants to be rather competitive, you need to know how to distinguish yourself without straying too far from tradition. An exercise in which Magnà excels with its wallet pizzas (portfolio in French), which bend over backwards (and it should be said) to seduce us. To be enjoyed on the go, in street-food style, they can be both classic and more original, to delight all palates, even those of fans of the controversial Hawaiian pizza (of which we are a part, sorry, sorry). Each of their recipes is offered with a pineapple supplement, for a cost of 50 euros (for the joke) and to be disposed of in person to avoid this “sacrilege”.

Great Street Food48 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris


A stone’s throw from Avenue Montaigne, Zapi has taken up residence in the furnishings of the former Relais Boccador. Their specialty is not Neapolitan pizza, but Roman pizza, which is distinguished by its thin and crunchy crust. Exceptional toppings straight from Italy and recipes that pay homage to the classics are the hallmark of this trendy environment run by chef Simone Soriga, trained with world pizza champion Peppe Cutraro.

Hoe20 Rue du Boccador, 75008 Paris


Dalmatian revives rue Tiquetonne with its pizza kiosk like in New York, made of tiles, marble counters, candy pink decorations and colored neon. An “instagrammable” glamorous aesthetic that does not hinder the quality of the pizzas served there, Neapolitan-style, meaty and well garnished, exactly the way we like them. Our little favorite? The Black Delirium, made with ricotta, truffle cream, fior di latte mozzarella, mushrooms and fresh truffle.

Dalmatian8 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris


“Pizza and life”, “pizza is life”, this is Tripletta’s leitmotiv to which we fully adhere. We perceive this passion for pizza for the first time when we take note of their rich menu of almost twenty proposals, then a second time when we experience their more than tasty Neapolitan pizzas with seasoned dough in a workmanlike manner and with very thick crusts, not to be left on the plate.

Triplet, 1 imp. de la Gaite, 75014 Paris


In the beautiful and reserved Passage des Panoramas, a stone’s throw from the Grands Boulevards, nestles Zola, a lively Italian address that stands out for its pop and colorful decor. On the menu are antipasti, pasta and, of course, a selection of eight very well prepared and freshly cooked pizzas in the large oven located in the kitchen.

Plate, 62 Step. Panoramas, 75002 Paris

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