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double life: the cuisine and warmth of the south at the table in a splendid architecture

Like a concrete beacon illuminating the nightlife of its neighbourhood, doublevie stands proudly on the corner of Myrha and Poulet streets. Built on several floors, the venue aims to be an elegant and festive bar-restaurant like its neighbourhood. With its large bay windows, doublevie is intimate without becoming stuffy, open to the road and its rich mix of cultures. Head Hugo Panzani is at work behind the stove to send you the dishes imagined by the chef against the tide Baptiste Bouland, ex Pergolesi or Cinque. Its cuisine is Mediterranean, generous, warm and gourmet. As for cocktails, the menu is great and the bar is open, so there’s no excuse not to push tables after service and dance!

double life
2, rue Poulet-18
Sunday-Tuesday: 18:00-24:00
Wednesday-Saturday: 6pm-2am
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La Casbah: 1001 nights atmosphere on the dance floor and on your plate to eat and dance until late at night

How could we tell you about festive restaurants without mentioning one of the institutions in this part of Paris? Nestled in the Faubourg-Saint-Antoine district, La Casbah is this club restaurant where sharing, friendship and good sound are the key words. Whether you’re sitting in the mezzanine or in the main room, the decor of the 1001 nights restaurant takes you on a journey, aided by Mediterranean dishes to share at fairly affordable prices. While you dine, under your feet the “Rock La Casbah” club, a former hammam whose owners have skilfully preserved the cachet of the original land, gradually comes to life, sometimes from 10.30pm depending on the evening. Convenient, you just have to get off when your stomach is full. Get off at 9pm, leave early in the morning, tired, full but grinning from ear to ear. Last positive point, the team is super nice.

The Kasbah
20, rue de la Forge-Royale – 11
Wednesday: 7.30pm-2am
Thursday-Saturday: 7.30pm-5am
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YAYA: 4 restaurants to leave Paris for Greece and its seas in music

Definitely, we never leave the borders of the Mediterranean… We must admit that his light and gourmet cuisine never disappoints, nor his knowledge of warm and authentic celebrations. For this third proposal we leave the oriental atmosphere of La Casbah to get closer to the Aegean Sea and its islands. YAYA brings together 4 festive restaurants and has made Greek cuisine its specialty. Located in Saint-Ouen, Antony, La Défense and avenue de Secrétan in the 19th, these 4 restaurants keep the same concept in 4 very different places, good Greek cuisine (lamb pita, kalamata keftedes, halloumi, tempura… .) and a dance floor that fills up after dinner.

YAYA Secretan
33, avenue Secretan – 19
Monday to Friday: 7.00pm to midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 7pm-2am
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Now: the vegetarian and festive restaurant of La Caserne

Hidden in the den of La Caserne, a few steps from the Carbone restaurant – just enough to give some ideas to the more ambitious in the evening – this restaurant offers a vegetarian menu and at the end of the meal it transforms its long tables into a dance floor. As well as being a superb place to eat well, Ora is also committed to the environment, just like the venue in which he has established himself, La Caserne. A place of creation dedicated to fashion that seeks eco-responsible production and consumption methods that go against the tide of fast fashion.

12, rue Philippe-de-Girard – 10th
Monday-Saturday: 12:00-15:00/19:30-2:00
Sunday: 12:00-18:00
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36 Corneil: a rare gem on rue Marguerite de Rochechouart

There the dishes are to be shared, we do not hesitate to put the ” big dishes in small ones » and when the weekend comes, when the meal is over, we dance and sing at the foot of the bottle racks that adorn the walls of the restaurant. Before you go, warm up as she may be screaming. Throughout the evening, as the alcohol rises, even the music and last forkfuls quickly give way to big vocals over the songs played throughout the bar, from Celine Dion to AC/DC, sopranos to baritones.

36 Cornel
36, rue Marguerite-de-Rochechouart – 9th
Tuesday-Saturday: 6.00pm-2.00am
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