“Parsifal”, at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, Rébecca Balestra, stand-up in Neuchâtel: our cultural agenda



Before returning to the Cully Jazz Festival in April, Sara Oswald continues her tour Bivouac, named after his first solo album. The French-speaking cellist stops in Bulle, then passes through La Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel (February 3) and Lignon, in Geneva, as part of the Antigel festival (February 8). Bivouac, for an invitation to travel and daydream. SG

Sara Oswald – Bivouac solo. Boiling, Bulle, Saturday 28 at 21:00



The mania for disassembling synthesizers to make scraped-to-the-bone music has become a school in which good masters must be distinguished. The Brussels dwellers of Pizza Noise Mafia and Chaux-de-Fonnier Tenko Texas Seduction are part of the high caste: more minimalist on the Belgian side, more luxurious with our mountain colt, their music is an invitation (or rather: an order ) raw dance. PS

Pizza Noise Mafia, Tenko Texas Seduction. L’Ecurie, Friday 27 at 8.30pm

“A sacred scenic feast”, does that ring a bell? This is how Richard Wagner called his work Parsifal. The story tells of the initiatory journey of Parsifal, a naive young man who will become none other than the savior of the Grail. A kind of Christ figure, he is the one who redeems mankind from his faults. Between chromatic tensions and recourse to leitmotifall the characteristics of the German master’s music are collected here. J. de BG

“Parsifal”. Grand Théâtre, from 25 January to 5 February.

He swears


On the sidelines of the exhibition at the Jura Museum of Art and History, Charles L’Eplattenier – Doubs Pastels (until February 26), the former curator of the Neuchâtel Museum of Art and History and curator of the Fondation Atelier d’Artiste of Saint-Maurice, Walter Tschopp, gives a lecture entitled “The Doubs in art”. Highlighting the work of the Pontarlier painter, Robert Fernier (1897-1977), that of Charles L’Eplattenier (1874-1946) but also the many artists who contributed to the fame of the Doubs landscapes. EX

“The Doubs in art”. Jura Art and History Museum, Delémont, Tuesday 24 at 8 pm



The term evokes a cross between sweet refrains and futuristic trains: “Hyperpop”. In reality it designates a musical trend born in the late 2010s, the result of the “internet generation”. The concept? It aggregates what pop (and more if you will) has produced the worst and the best, in one great electronic mix – without fear of kitsch. La Case à Chocs invites you to dive into this synthetic and bubbly world with two artists to follow: the Lausanne-based singer and producer Lily Gasc and the Bordeaux-born BabySolo33, who will make you oscillate between trap and France Gall. VN

Lily Gasc and BabySolo33. Case à Chocs, Friday 27 at 8pm


She looks like a diva and popularly talks like a fishwife. Rébecca Balestra, who has been illuminating theater stages with her lapidary presence for twelve years, launched into stand-up last fall and, likewise, her load is imposing. In the Rebecca Balestra, the actress talks about sexuality, prostate and classical painting with the same distant skepticism and, every time, we laugh at the offense. No wonder her English model is Ricky Gervais. La belle practices the same humor, provocative and disturbing. M.-PG

Rebecca Balestra, standing. Le Pommier, Mon 24 and Wed 25 at 8pm



We know it’s solemn, majestic, intimidating, but the church organ is also a fascinating playground. This is demonstrated by the Katedral, a French-speaking duo formed by pianist-composer Alain Roche and percussionist Fred Bürki (whose skill alongside Emilie Zoé is well known). Together, they grip the venerable instrument which they subject to electronic beats and looper magic. Playing with the spatialization of sound, Katedral promises a unique acoustic immersion, set in the setting of the Jesuit Church. Poised. VN

Cathedral. Jesuit Church, Sion, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 at 7pm



This is the second time that Lausanne offers an artist exhibition in an immersive experience. After Van Gogh comes Frida Kahlo. Make yourself comfortable in the poufs arranged on the floor of the Halle de Beaulieu and immerse yourself in the work of the great Mexican artist of the 20th century. Her paintings parade, projected on the walls, guided by a first-person account of the life of Frida Kahlo. Spectacular. HOW.

“Long live Frida Kahlo”. Beaulieu, Lausanne, Tue-Sun 10am-7pm, until 19 March. vivafridakahlo.ch

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