Which square for fine flat hair – brings volume to hair

Do you want to restore shine and vigor to your flat hair without volume? The most feminine, light and exhilarating of all cuts is the bob for fine hair. But since this comes in several beautiful variations, we decided to bring you a complete hairstyle guide on suitable bobs with delicate textures.

Why make a square on her beautiful hair?

When it comes to choosing a cut for thin hair without volume, what we do most often is cut it short. This is no coincidence! In fact, the longer the hair, the heavier it will be and look flattened. This is still the case with tapered cuts, which would only further refine the hair fiber.

And while going very short is sometimes scary, mid-length cuts allow you to maintain a certain length, refreshing your look and adding volume. This is why we love the square so much, a timeless cut between the long and the short, which is constantly reinvented. You can wear it in multiple ways and play with the strands to create many charming hairstyles. In particular, this allows the hairstyle to be adapted to any type of face and for all ages. It should be noted that one of the most worn short haircuts by women after the age of 60 is the bob for fine and sparse hair. Lately, the square is a particularly easy cut to maintain and style. The volume you can create yourself at home.

But what is more particular about this type of square that can bring volume and highlight your hair. We are giving you not one but 5 ideas in the following lines.

Wavy plunging bob – Kaia Gerber’s secret to creating the illusion of volume

Which square for fine hair?

While hair texture isn’t the only factor in defining a hairstyle, it’s perhaps the first to consider. In any case, don’t forget to seek the opinion of your hairdresser before starting, because even among the various varieties of bob cuts, there are those that would not suit the shape of your face or complexion. For the rest, here are some inspirations to take.

#A shaded square

Unlike the tapered effect which tends to thin the hair, the gradient is a very suitable cut for fine hair. Just make sure you go to a professional in the sector and do it over a fairly long square. Otherwise, there won’t be enough material to degrade. We also recommend that you avoid a very light gradient effect. Instead, opt for a subtle transition. Layers of different lengths will lift the hair, creating the desired voluminous effect.

A shaded square to increase volume

women's structured boxy cut with curtain bangs for blonde hair

#A square with a wick on the side

Volume is often the result of a trompe-l’oeil rather than a real swelling of the hair. To successfully play the illusion card, avoid straight and regular shapes in favor of asymmetry. The side-swept section of hair will do the trick with the volume it creates on top and its unstructured character. The effect will be maximized when you adopt it to a deep boxy cut, the other proof that asymmetry works wonders on your hair without volume. In addition, this type of hairstyle brings a very pronounced feminine and sensual cachet.

A glamorous bob with a side strand

square cut for fine hair for women as a hairstyle for volume

#A wavy square

If it’s not recommended to straighten fine hair, it’s not the same for curls that would give you the volume you dream of. The movement causes the strands to bounce, so as to add more material. For a natural wavy effect, consider treating your hair with a salt spray. Crumple and create a sublime disheveled effect. To get big romantic curls (retro chic style), use a curling iron, not forgetting to fix the end with hairspray. A short bob with wavy ends and perfect for showcasing an old fashioned retro chic look.

The dip square to add extra material

fine haircut without brushing degraded squared woman idea with curls

#A square ball

It’s true that you need to have some guts to get a bowl cut, but the volume of a bob bob can really make you go the extra mile. Short at the back and longer at the sides and top, this bob has the great advantage of adding material where it’s missing. Rounded lines also add extra volume, as if the hair suddenly takes on strength. However, be sure to avoid the ball-pull effect by ruining your square ball cut, which would give you cachet, as well as additional volume. Or, consider fluttering the ends and adopting the ball square with a fringe, to emphasize volume rather than ball shape.

The square ball, Taylor Swift version

square cut with ball bangs to give volume

#Bob with fringe

Fringe is another pro trick for adding extra material. In addition, bangs have many other undeniable advantages. The middle finger is the fact that allows you to cheat the proportions of the face, softening its roundness with an asymmetrical fringe or removing the length of the face with a straight fringe. Also, bangs are a very clever trick to hide the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. To look younger then, adopt a fuzzy square with bangs. If you want to look more modern, know that curtain bangs are on the rise this year. It frames the face well and works quite well with a layered bob. The strands will merge with the capillary mass with remarkable ease.

A rather degraded bob with bangs

how to add material cut with bangs and strands of various lengths

A very degraded and very rebellious square that carries a lot of material

destructured bob fine hair capillary volume brown hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, opt for a layered bob

short fine square hair with curtain bangs

A square with a very modern curtain fringe

square hairstyle degrade on blond hair hairstyle young woman

A square with bangs to hide wrinkles and look younger

60s square cut woman with fringe and volume

A natural look with a fuzzy square that is very easy to maintain

haircut idea with fringe hairstyle idea degradé medium long square hair with fringe

A square that plays on the gradient to create additional volume

which square cut for fine hair to choose to increase volume



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