Frittza brings fried pizzas from Naples to Paris

By Manon C. Photo by Manon C. Posted on January 20, 2023, 12:02 pm

Let’s skip the fried pizza step at Frittza, rue Oberkampf! On the menu, generously garnished and crunchy fried pizzas. And no, it’s not too greasy!

If you’ve ever been to Naples, then chances are you know the fried pizzaa mainstay of street food Neapolitan which consists of a fried pizza in oil. From now on, you no longer need to be a traveler at heart to satisfy your deep-fried pizza craving, since Frittza opened its doors on the popular rue Oberkampf who continues throat for a few years, importing this particularly unusual street dish to Paris for the first time.

Behind Frittza, two brothers, Vincent and Thierry, passionate about Italian cuisine in all its forms, including street food. After a trip to Naples, they fell in love with fried pizza, instantly deciding to introduce this little croquette to Parisian palates.

Frit - Jurassic fritFrit - Jurassic fritFrit - Jurassic frit

Let it be said, we already hear your questions and your fears too. Wouldn’t this fried dish be heresy for your cholesterol levels? The Neapolitan version, in fact, is not famous for its side healthy, willingly exuding the oil in whole drops. But Frittza’s version is very different, adapted to Parisian life in his products – we’ll tell you about it immediately after – and in his execution – finer and much less fat than the original.

“In contact with the oil, a crust forms which prevents the oil from penetrating. The crust then becomes very crunchy and the dough puffs up inside, like a normal dough for pizza or bread” explains Vincent, the chef. Verdict to tasting ?

Fritza - Basque FritzaFritza - Basque FritzaFritza - Basque FritzaFritza - Basque Fritza

We can only confirm the chef’s words: the dough for the frittza is not not greasy for a penny (just look at your fingers after picking it up to see that it oozes just a drop of oil); She is Crisp to perfection and the rest until the end of the tasting – it took us a good fifteen minutes to eat our fried pizza, talking at the same time, and it didn’t fall like a souffle and it didn’t get soaked in the ingredients – the presence of the fior di latte made us fear the worst, but it wasn’t like that.

Everyone has their own way of eating this type of puffed calzonesome start with ears while others start with swell of the beast. For the latter, Frittza has thought of everything and puts a jar of tomato sauce to decorate the ends of the pizza not garnished with ingredients; a great idea.

Frit - Jurassic fritFrit - Jurassic fritFrit - Jurassic fritFrit - Jurassic frit

As for the products, we talked about them above, Frittza has chosen the 100% French with a little short circuit and labeled products AOP, IGP, AOC, organic and without nitrite salts. The mozzarella even comes… from Paris! And for recipes, you can choose between 5 traditional pancakes whose ingredients are those of classic pizzas, such as the Francilienne (€10) which is nothing more than a fried margherita; 4 special pancakes created from scratch by the chef, ea seasonal omelet (14€) which changes every month – at the moment, the flamencoche.

We, for our part, loved the Jurassic frit (€14), generously topped with Isigny cream, fior di latte, Morbier cheese, Morteau sausage and onion compote, a perfect pizza for the season; and the Basque frit (14€), with tomato sauce, fior di latte, raw ham, mushrooms, Basque sheep toma, rocket and homemade parsley.

Frittza - Dancing in MorbierFrittza - Dancing in MorbierFrittza - Dancing in MorbierFrittza - Dancing in Morbier

Excellent idea also that of these little ones croquettes filled with Morbier fondant and topped homemade pesto. They’re made with pasta scraps, good for the planet and a little treat for the taste buds. Also note the presence in the menu of small pancakesdisks of fried dough seasoned with good things (8€), ea student menu accessible to small budgets: €8 for a small fritz and a drink.

Frittza’s fried pizzas are eaten on sitebut also take away and even delivering. And these arrive just as crispy at their destination. So let’s make the leap fried pizza ?

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