LIVE – Coupe de France: all the information and all the results of the round of 16

The best of Laurent Blanc’s conference before OL-Chambery

It’s over for OL’s press conference before the round of 16 of the Coupe de France at the Groupama Stadium against Chambéry. If Johann Lepenant explained that he “understood” the discontent of the fans, the highlight was the confirmation of Romain Faivre’s willingness to leave Laurent Blanc.

Johann Lepenant on the discontent of the fans

“We understand their frustration but we are also frustrated. It’s up to us to react. It’s not pleasant to hear the fans chant negatively but we understand their frustration.”

Johann Lepenant on reducing his playing time with Blanc

“I came to Lyon to learn. I stay focused on myself and as soon as I can play, I’ll give my all. I told myself that if I play less, I have to work harder than at the beginning to show what I can do when I’m on the pitch. The coach wanted gain experience and he told me I could still learn. You have to stay hooked and work. This group is a very good group. Today I still have to progress in my work on a daily basis in training. That’s where I made the most progress.”

Johann Lepenant still hopes to return to Ligue 1

“A priority, I don’t know, but the Coupe de France can take us to Europe. We also have to stay focused on the championship because we can still come back.”

Johann Lepenant on the need to win for trust

“You have to increase the intensity, make them run and take the minimum risk. We haven’t won for a while and it would be good for everyone.”

Johann Lepenant in the week after Strasbourg

“We were all disappointed, the fans and us. We weren’t satisfied with the result. We are focused on the match against Chambéry. It’s up to us to react in our stadium. We have to prepare for this French Cup match like the others even if Chambéry is a team lower, you have to be serious and rigorous and everything will be fine, you have to stay focused and concentrate on what is good to do.

“Faivre wants to leave”, White very clear about his player’s future

“Romain Faivre wants to leave, you know. Don’t be surprised. He wants to leave, he’s not happy in Lyon. But he’s been going on for more than three months. It’s up to both sides to find things. I love this player, I tried to raise him, I tried to raise it but there are other players as well, you can’t focus on just one player.”

The white lights up for Joao Gomes, in the sights of OL

“Bruno Cheyrou is here, he’s not in Brazil. Joao Gomes, do you know him? He’s still a young player. I hope he will make himself known to the European media in a short time. He has many qualities. He is a modern defensive midfielder. A very bravo, who goes beyond his role, he is not limited to his role. I advise you to go and find him. I especially like him because he is very solid in the defensive phase. In the defensive phase we lack that aggression, (…) and that player he has defensive aggression. He doesn’t lack it (laughs), sometimes he even has too much. He’s a young player, we’ll have to channel him if he’s there. We speak on the conditional.

Blanc and OL had “their heads in the bag” after Strasbourg

“We had our heads in the bag for two or three days after Strasbourg. Defeat is difficult to accept, difficult to digest with our statistics. We have to get back to playing at the Groupama Stadium quickly. I hope my positivity pays off in the end. “

The Coupe de France aims at Europe

“Given the calendar, there’s no risk of making the French Cup a priority. We can play on both fronts. Before that there was the Champions League, the French Cup, the French Cup and the championship in Lyon. They were there at every game. I will put the best team possible to try and win.”

White on the counterattack of the Coupe de France

“All the matches that we can play and win will do us good. Rotation? I already have very young players playing. Maybe we will do the opposite and let the older ones play. I will field the best team possible. We are not overloaded in terms of calendar We will take Chambéry seriously and put together a competitive team.”

Blanc wants to talk about Chambery rather than the transfer market

“The winter transfer window also serves to bring forward the summer one. We are thinking about many things but will we have time? We have to think because we haven’t done a good part of the season. But are we going to talk about Chambéry or not? It’s not a special transfer window.” .

White on Faivre’s discomfort

“I spoke to Romain Faivre, I love him but he’s not happy at Lyon. It’s tough because there’s a contract and the club has bet a lot on him. […] You have to have solutions that make everyone happy and it’s not that easy.”

White on unhappy players in Lyon

“Yes (the players will find it hard to return to Lyon). Yes, but it’s not only in Lyon. When a player cannot give the full measure of his talent, you have to think about everything. OK, there are players who are not happy at the Lyon and yet we do an extraordinary job and Lyon is a great club. They have a contract and we cannot meet all the requests. We have to question them, we have to think. There are always players who are not happy or at the end of the contract in clubs. But it is “When there are so many it’s complicated. When I was at the end of my contract as a player, I gave everything to have the best opportunities later. Now I only have collective interests in Lyon, the individual shouldn’t take precedence.”

White on the OL transfer window

“It’s too much to shake. But it is for all clubs. We have to do the math and we have to be careful not to neglect the preparation for Saturday’s match. There are things said in the media, not necessarily true. I don’t “I can’t be precise on the names, but we will try to strengthen the group and at the same time players can be traded or traded. It’s classic during the winter market. We try to have a more solid and stronger group. We are thinking about it.”

Haise will support Pays de Cassel against PSG

Franck Haise confirmed this Friday that he will participate in the round of 16 between PSG and Petit Poucet du Pays de Cassel (R1) on Monday night at the Bollaert.

The Lens coach dreams of a big football party during the clash between the Ile-de-France ogre and the sixth division club.

The schedule of the sixteenth finals


– OM (L1) – Stade Rennais (L1) at 21:10


– Chambery (N3) – OL (L1) at 3pm

– SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1) at 6pm

– FC Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2) at 18:00

– Pays de Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2) at 6pm

– Les Herbiers (N2) – Stade de Reims (L1) at 6.00pm

– Stade Plabennecois (National Team) – Grenoble Foot 38 (L2) at 6.00pm

– Toulouse FC (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1) at 18:00

– FC Olympique Strasbourg Koenigshoffen 06 (R1) – Angers SCO (L1) at 20:45


– ASM Belfort (N2) – FC Annecy (L2) at 6.30pm

– Le Puy (N1) – Vierzon FC (N2) at 6.30pm

– LOSC (L1) – Pau FC (L2) at 6.30pm

– Niort (L2) – AJ Auxerre (L1) at 6.30pm

– Thaon Football (N3) – FC Nantes (L1) at 6.30pm

– Stade Brestois (L1) – RC Lens (L1) at 21:00


– Kassel (R1) – PSG (L1) at 20:45

Don’t miss the live commentary of OM-Rennes

Third and fifth respectively in Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille and Stade Rennais will meet this Friday at the Stade Vélodrome.

While nearly 60,000 spectators are expected for this first match of the Coupe de France round of 16 schedule, it will also be followed live with commentary on RMC Sport from 21:10 on the RMC Sport website and app. A shock for which the Phocaeans will be deprived in particular of Eric Bailly, disqualified for 7 games after his expulsion during the previous round.

>> The OM-Rennes match live is here

Good morning everyone

Winners of the Coupe de France in 2021-2022, Nantes are putting the title back on the line this season. Qualified for the round of 16, the Canaries will go to the Thaon field this Sunday.

Before then, a duel between L1 clubs will see OM host Rennes at the Stade Vélodrome this Friday. A fantastic curtain between two teams who dream of winning the prestigious trophy in a few months.

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