“I didn’t necessarily feel in danger,” Xavier reacted to his victory in the game

You started slow in the first round, did you doubt?

No, because I had somewhat the same background during my first participation. I don’t know why, I still have so much trouble making it. I had no doubts as there are quite a few eliminated in this first round and as the fastest candidates qualified I got out of it quite early. I think if I would do it again The quiz of championsagain, I would end up in the soft underbelly.

Which round scared you the most?

The second round put me under a bit of pressure as I lost my first participation. It’s a bit random because we don’t know which theme we will fall on and they are not necessarily equivalent for the same person… I was more serene once the second round was over and I told myself that I had done the hardest. Even when you see the question you say ‘this is the topic, why not’, but there is always the risk of getting stuck. We are really relaxed when we finish the 30 seconds.

Which candidate worried you the most?

Up until the second round, it was Christophe who scared me the most. Once he scored in the second set, he worried me less because a priori he switched to the ace. Among those who stayed, I feared the most Bruno, Enzo and Sébastien. Sébastien, in relation to the excellent side of him on all general knowledge topics. Bruno, the advantage is that I know his strengths and weaknesses a little better so I can try to avoid the strengths of him and Enzo was the unknown.

All animators carry their champion in their hearts, as Cyril Féraud underlined. And you with Jean-Luc Reichmann?

I have very good relations with Jean-Luc Reichmann, he was also present at my wedding. I have a particular attachment to 12 noon strikes. There is something that will always bind me to this show in the irrational. I have a very close relationship with Jean-Luc Reichmann and with all candidates and noon teachers outside of broadcasting. It really is a big family, we all see each other at many different events. It’s not flan, I’m not saying that to be corporate.

Did he congratulate you after this victory?

Jean-Luc Reichmann was very happy that I won. He congratulated me and even among the midday masters, we are very happy. I broke the winning streak of the champions of bang and France Tele. So that’s a point to The 12 shots. Continues…

Did you try to protect Bruno during the 3rd round called “sabotage” against other show champions?

In the idea, I tried to make him spin the themes that favored him rather on his strengths. From what he told me, I think he didn’t necessarily succeed (laughs) but again the list of themes was quite complicated to decode. To choose I would have liked a final against Bruno, for the final 100% 12 noon strikes, that would have been fun and entertaining. Once again to choose, if it wasn’t me, it might as well be Bruno. So yeah, actually, I didn’t specifically try to sabotage Bruno and given the list of themes, it was really hard.

Is this a victory for you as a ‘bishop’ of 12 noon strikes or just like Xavier, monster of knowledge and hydroelectric engineer?

I am a competitor. When I win, I’m happy for myself and when I lose, I’m angry at myself, but yes, of course, I was very happy for myself, and of course there was also this side of broadcasting TF1 and promoting a program that didn’t is from France Télévisions. A desire to show that we are not sold-out or trash champions and with this victory I show that we are not defending so badly. When we have the opportunity to demonstrate it, we are happy and therefore standard-bearer 12 noon strikes, I’m scared of being one for life and it’s a source of pride.

You were the first to reach the 6 points needed to take the win but so did Sebastien, the other finalist. How did you feel at that moment?

I didn’t necessarily feel in danger, I was pretty hopeful but had regrets, especially after my failed responses. I missed the questions I might have had… There is the fatigue, the pressure and the fact that we choose our questions at random that come into play. At that moment, above all, I focused on the fact that I hadn’t been able to finish the part before…

So this revenge, how do you feel after your victory? How does it feel to finally be the “champion of champions”?

I was very happy but also disappointed for Sébastien because given his final he deserved to win as much as me. It was so cheap and I hope it wins one day. After, yes, I won’t show false modesty. I was very happy to win and now it’s a goal achieved. ‘Champion of Champions’ for this time yes, but it’s a title that’s back in the game and I’ll be very happy to return. The win record is currently at two, so that gives me a new focus (laughs). I’m a competitor for better or for worse.

Kahina Boudjidj

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