Falling Out (Nintendo Switch) – The test

Falling Out is a Switch game released by Firestoke on October 6, 2022. It is described as a 2D rogue-like. From the start of the game, you have a choice of languages. The game is available in French. The game begins with a cutscene in which we see a woman who has had her car break down following a meteorite fall. The man comes to fix his car. They fall in love and get married. Their honeymoon takes place in Egypt inside the pyramid of Giza.

An Egyptian trip like no other

The game begins in the car of the protagonists. The man eats pizza while drinking beer. His wife asks him to remember their honeymoon. Someone knocks on their door and they go to catch their plane to Egypt.

The man spends his time eating on the plane. He’s got his belly sticking out of his shirt, which is a bit of a cliche, by the way.

They will then visit the Giza pyramid. They take one last selfie while it’s forbidden.

You play the two characters in turn from the first level which serves as a tutorial. To validate the end of a level, you must approach the exit with the two characters.

It is a side scrolling 2D platformer.

After our photo, we land in a treasure room of Amenhotep III with statues representing us. We are told that we woke up Amenhotep III by taking our picture.

We are told that the perfect pair will save this world from the terrors of Amenhotep. We will need to get the four talismans hidden in four ancient temples.

Azar, the character who informs us about our mission, explains to us that we will have to cross four zones in a given time. After this time, the area will be flooded and we will drown, which is very cool.

The stone tablets found on our way can be transformed into blueprints that will allow us to upgrade our weapons and equipment (boomerangs, bows, etc.).

There are a total of 46 achievements to unlock as we progress through our adventure.

In the settings it is possible to activate the display of the number of the level and the time remaining to pass the level, in order to better position itself in the realization of the same.

Azar is also a merchant who will sell us items that will help us on our journey, such as weapons, powers or even potions. He also translates the tablets we carry and transforms them into plans. It is enough to have collected the necessary elements to be able to carry out the plans.

When one of the characters dies, we have to start the level all over again. Being the daily pyramid, we have only three possibilities to realize it in its entirety. On the third death, regardless of the character, our progress is reset.

At the end of each level a score is made on everything that was achievable: collection, number of killed monsters, broken crates, broken vases, findable objects…

After each level, we return to the merchant. We can buy items, but we can also deposit money with the camel. This will incur a 10% fee, but any money set aside will be retained in any case.

There are four worlds to traverse and around ten levels per world to complete. Being the daily pyramid, progression starts from scratch every day.

We have the choice at the beginning of each new attempt between three levels of difficulty that come to play on the time allowed to complete the level.

It is also possible in case of repeated failures to activate an infinite number of attempts to overcome the pyramid.

A leaderboard is drawn up based on how well you score in each level compared to other players using the game.

A game made for cooperation

The game test was done solo. This makes the task more difficult, because then you have to take turns dealing with the two characters. The moment we take care of changing one of the characters, the other can be attacked by creatures and other monsters that will have only one goal, to touch you and kill you.

Therefore, it is recommended to play cooperatively to fully enjoy its experience.

In fact, it is then possible to interact with the two characters. One can toss the other into the air to reach a platform that was previously inaccessible. This will then throw a rope to the other to allow him to join him.

Graphically, the game offers a colorful and captivating set that is well suited to this style of play. The music that accompanies the game is very pleasant and perfectly accompanies the gaming experience.



  • A very nice game with an atypical story
  • A good cooperative game
  • An interesting duration
  • Game completely in French


  • Difficult to do by yourself
  • Sometimes too punishing
  • Daily pyramid respawn, which can be frustrating when you don’t have enough time to play.

Note detail

  • History

  • Game

  • Graphics

  • Lifetime

  • Difficulty

  • Music

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