De Part et d’Autre Pey Berland, restaurant by day, hidden bar by night

Take rue Bouffard on one side, rue Montbazon on the other. In between, an ideally located neighborhood brasserie. Add bistro tables upstairs to one side and, to the other, a hidden bar in their rum cellar. Mix it with traditional Bordeaux brasserie on one side and some Creole flair on the other. Get it anyway.

This new address in the Pey Berland district is first and foremost the story of two friends. A story begun on both sides of the Atlantic. On the one hand, Sébastien, the son of a restaurateur who, from early childhood, immersed himself in the friendly and frenetic atmosphere of catering without ever really working in it. On the other, Bertrand, a restaurateur by training, with the management of the famous Lili’s in Martinique to his credit. The Bouffard Café no longer exists and it was enough for the two friends to create sparks and see the opening of a hybrid restaurant on one side, bar and rum cellar on the other.

Brasserie fresh and traditional cuisine with a Creole touch

In the kitchen, size doesn’t matter. Just pass midday in front of 64 rue Bouffard to see it. In the 70 m² upstairs, it is a a real ballet of refined dishes on the one hand, and on the other the hurried customers who settle in and leave at the pace imposed by the lunch break. Visually irresistible trout gravlax, unbeatable croques-monsieur truffled ham chiffonade rollscrazy shells with coconut milk curry, a succulent Aveyronnaise steak or an oyster mushroom steak, the recipes are at the heart of the week’s menu, dance then give way to the tow.

The Creole food lovers they will not be able to hide their joy by acknowledging some typical flavours subtly added from the head inside traditional Bordeaux brasserie dishes. Pierre, a self-taught chef, is passionate and does not shy away from any challenge. Even spending hours working on her mimosa puff pastry recipe. The formula varies between €19 and €23 depending on whether or not you opt for the appetizer-dish-dessert triplet. The real neighborhood canteen, in a refined decor, the colors recall the Atlantic on one side, the sand on the other. Who could imagine what happens when you dare to venture down the stairs after dark?

Bordeaux: hidden bar and rum cellar at night

We enter a intimate hidden bar where is in its center a huge oak bar tailored. The fulcrum of this cellar, this ensures the blend of flavors in the glasses on the one hand, and on the other, the mix of people around him. “With more guests than a corner bar would allow, we preferred a friendly atmosphere where everyone sees each other on both sides of the bar meet easily,” says Sébastien. And it’s a winning bet. How can you not see who is occupying the room when every movement consists of circling the counter? How not to smile at your neighbor across the bar when he accidentally spills his drink?

To settle more cozily, we will nest in the corners of the soft benches and soft armchairs, under the backlit shelves. These let you appreciate the suave collection of bottles of rum from the Baie des Trésors and the Favorita. An entire program.
Once your spirits have been warmed by the Grande Traversée, a clarified milk cocktail or even the gourmet Nuance d’Anthocyane with rum and fruit, you won’t be able to resist immortalizing yourself in the large brass mirror, expertly fixed in the wall niche. .

Aperitifs and atmosphere under a stone vault

And under the blonde stone vault that surrounds this nocturnal space, a muffled and sometimes lively atmosphere reigns. Once or twice a weekthe place will welcome themed artists afro house. Percussion, saxophone, vocals, the artists will fill the space with their vibrations to multiply the pleasure of tasting. CANNON

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Hidden restaurant and bar

On both sides Bordeaux

64 rue Bouffard, Bordeaux
Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 1:30 (18:00 on Tuesday)
07 69 96 05 61
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