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Macron and Scholz show the newfound unity of the Franco-German “locomotive”.

After the presentation of the protests, the attempt to restart: Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz exhibited on Sunday in Paris a rediscovered nucleus of the Franco-German “locomotive”, called to become a “pioneer of the refoundation of Europe”. on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the reconciliation treaty between the two countries, while the Old Continent has been plunged back into war for eleven months, the French president assured that this “couple” “will choose the future”, as he has “know how to every turn of the European construction”. “Germany and France, since they paved the way for reconciliation, must become pioneers for the reconstruction of our Europe,” he said. he declared in a deliberately lyrical speech at the Sorbonne. He described the neighbors as ” two souls in the same chest”: “The future, like the past, depends on the cooperation of our two countries”, “as the locomotive of a united Europe”, capable of overcoming their “differences”, the Chancellor abounded German, evoking a “brotherly couple”, spun the metaphor of this “French-German engine” which often “purrs softly”, which “doesn’t work with flattery” but with the “firm will to transform polemics ” in “converging actions”. The two leaders would later meet at the Elysée for a Franco-German council of ministers.- Dissent passed? -In October, this annual meeting had to be postponed due to disagreements on a number of key issues, from energy to defense, that arose in the aftermath of the Russian-led war in Ukraine. As a result, the meeting between the leaders of the le two leading powers of the European Union, whose antipode temperaments complicate this particular relationship in which personal ties often make the difference, this time they are scrutinized to detect the degree of understanding. Scholz succeeded Angela Merkel at the end of 2021, each annoyed by the initiatives taken by the other without prior consultation. The date of the reunion is highly symbolic: sixty years day by day since the signing of the Elysee Treaty by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, this “founding act” of “reconciliation” between two countries “that had been the bitterest enemies” but “decided to become the closest allies”, said Emmanuel Macron. Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron stated with a only voice the goal, dear to the French president, of a more “sovereign” Europe, investing more in defense and industry. The two leaders could discuss sending heavy tanks to Kiev at a time when pressure is mounting on Berlin to hand over its Leopard tanks to the Ukrainian army. At the Sorbonne, Olaf Scholz limited himself to assuring that France and Germany will continue “to provide Ukraine, as long as necessary, with all the support it needs”. “Vladimir Putin’s imperialism will not win!” he hammered. Like Presidential Party MP Benjamin Haddad, rumors are rising in Paris that France is “on the lead” by sending a “limited number of Leclerc tanks to build momentum.” On the renewable energy front, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The President therefore hopes, calls on the Chancellor, “necessary for the Old Continent to become “a global center for the technologies of the future”, and the first “climate neutral” in the world. The two neighbors must also try to agree on European reforms to curb the surge in energy prices linked in particular to the war in Ukraine, and highlight joint innovation projects.A train ticket will also be launched to encourage young people to travel between the two countries.The governments met alongside the parliamentary delegations of the two countries also in Paris.President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet and her counterpart from the Bundestag Bärbel Bas paid homage to Simone Veil, “a great European” and “a woman of convictions” of which they have declared that they want to carry the “torch”. bur-vl-fff/fz/spi

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