Top 10 explanations of the shape of everyday objects

Every day, whether we’re brushing our teeth or looking out the bus window, we ask ourselves existential questions. You can calmly eat a good cassoulet and suddenly ask yourself “why does the fork always have four prongs? “. In general, we are not offended and quickly move on to something else, but today is the time to finally get answers to all these questions that torment us.

Why are porthole windows oval?

The advantage of a rounded shape is that it has no weaknesses. This therefore allows the pressurization forces to be distributed evenly. In the 1950s some aircraft had square windows and these had cracks in the corners, which led to cabin depressurization (and thus fatal accidents).

Despite its optimized shape, a window remains a fragile area in an aircraft; it is actually only used for the comfort of the passengers. For this reason, some companies such as Emirates are developing virtual portholes, screens that show the exterior filmed by cameras.

Why is the toilet seat U-shaped?

You may have noticed that some public toilets have an open toilet seat. It’s impractical and more complicated to clean, so no one really gets the point. Initially, the idea was to have more space to slide the hand while cleaning but also not to touch the glasses with the genitals. We finally touch the terracotta underneath, so it’s no better.

Why are pizzas round?

This question is so well known that it has become a recurring gag: “Why do we put round pizzas in square boxes to cut them into triangles? “. In fact, pizza is round because it is a shape that is easy to share but also because of its processing method. When preparing a pizza, the pizza maker flattens a ball and turns it over in his hands to roll it out. For this reason it becomes round.

Why does the keyboard start with AZERTY?

It is often thought that the arrangement of letters on keyboards has been chosen to facilitate typing, but in reality it is the other way around. In the days of the typewriter, the QWERTY keyboard was chosen to prevent the hammers that struck letters from jamming and tangling. Letters frequently used together were then pushed apart to give the gavels time to rest.

Why do phone cameras never work?

After much research, the most sensible answer is this: When you turn your phone to take a landscape photo, you instinctively turn it left to press the shutter button with your right hand. If the camera was on the right side of the back of the phone, it would be at the bottom and you’d touch it too easily with your fingers.

Why are there twice as many numbers on computer keyboards?

Desktop computer keyboards often have a numeric keypad. We have the right to ask ourselves “no but frankly, what’s the point of having double digits? “. In fact, this numeric keypad is very useful for accountants (and for all those poor people who have to type numbers all day), which is why we created a space dedicated to numbers that is easier for them to use.

Why were red, orange and green chosen for traffic lights?

As early as the 1800s, colors began to be used to regulate railway networks. Red was immediately adopted to impose the stop because it is a color that symbolizes danger and can be seen from afar. On the other hand, we used white instead of green first. It was a bad idea: there would have been several accidents because motorists confused the stars with the signals. The green light has therefore replaced the white light. The orange/yellow traffic light came later and this color was chosen because there were already yellow road signs urging caution.

Why do forks have four prongs?

While in use in the Byzantine Empire since the 11th century, the fork only arrived in France in the late 16th century and had only two prongs. Above the prongs it was decided to double the number of prongs to grab the food more easily (and perhaps also to avoid remembering the devil’s fork).

Why is there a ball on top of four colored BICs?

Ever since BIC’s very first 4-color pen was created, there’s been a little white ball at the end that no one thought could serve. In fact, everything was explained in the advertisement for the product launch in 1970: the ball is used to dial a number on a rotary rotary telephone. It was therefore faster and more hygienic.

Why is the power button on the remote on the top left?

I’ve always wondered why the power button on the remote is always on the left when most people are right-handed, and I definitely wanted to share this question with you.

The problem is that I could not find an answer. I know, it’s super frustrating but this way, we’ll all be able to brainstorm together and who knows? Maybe the inventor of the remote control, Mr. Remote Control, will explain it to us in the comments…

Next time we’ll explain where this stupid trend of putting fake drawers to hide the pipes in the kitchens comes from.

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