What can you do with an Airfryer? Air Fryer Recipes That Work!

Air frying is touted as one of the healthiest ways to fry food. Of course, its undisputed star is the so-called Airfryer device, otherwise known as the almost oil-free fryer. Contemporary women love it because it saves time, men like their steak juicy and kids like fries two or even three times a week! So what’s the catch? In fact, the disadvantages of this household appliance are few, but there are always recipes that are not suitable for it. But the more relevant question is: what can you really do with an Airfryer? Here is our list of air fryer recipes that have proven to be great…

Honestly, what can you do with an Airfryer?

At first glance, kitchen appliances intended for air frying may seem too good to be real. Indeed, an easy-to-maintain appliance that gives food the texture of frying with just a drizzle of oil? This is therefore the promise of fast food products in a healthy and much tastier version, because they are homemade. Yes, but that’s not all… It turns out that good oil-free fryer recipes go far beyond the classic French fries! Some people go further by proclaiming it multicooker-competitive! Where is the truth? Find out what you can do with an Airfryer by checking out the information below!

Healthy and tasty veggie chips

airfryer recipes what can you do with the hot air fryer without oil vegetable chips

Yes, the hot air fryer was practically invented for french fries, but it can be used with great success to prepare a healthier version of this favorite food for young and old and consume it regularly, without any guilt! Use the mandoline to thinly slice carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes, among other things. Soak up any excess moisture from the slices (especially if you’re also using zucchini) and place them in the steamer basket. You can add 1 tablespoon of oil for a taste closer to classic potato chips, or skip the fat altogether for a “grilled” effect and even fewer calories. Running out of instructions in the booklet? 20 minutes at 180-200 degrees and you’ll have a healthy snack to munch on in front of the TV!

Juicy meat, in a thousand ways!

airfryer recipes what can you do with the hot air fryer without oil chicken breasts

KFC-style chicken wings, marinated chicken thighs, crispy tenderloins, even a whole chicken that looks like it just came off the rotisserie, but prepared at home (provided the capacity of your appliance allows it): the possibilities for cooking poultry at home using the air fryer are nearly unlimited. And what can you do with an Airfryer, other than run a chicken coop? In fact, any type of meat imaginable that you could otherwise roast, fry, grill, or bake! Without forgetting the fish and all the seafood that we love so much!

Stuffed pasta, spring rolls and other rolls

what to do with the nems imperial roll oil-free hot air fryer

Whether the ravioli is filled with seafood, ricotta and spinach, meat or mushrooms, keep in mind that they taste irresistible when prepared in the hot air fryer! The same goes for spring rolls and other such vegetable filled rolls. When you ask yourself “What can you do with an Airfryer for an Asian style dinner?” “, know that Japanese gyoza are absolutely essential!

Bakery and pastry products

what to do with airfryer recipes hot air fryer without oil chocolate chip cookies

By the way, there are several baked goods you can make with an Airfryer, regardless of its specific brand. Classic or cheese focaccia, cinnamon bites, donuts and panzerotti with jam are just some of the successful examples that can be cited. Oh yes ! we almost forgot the finger licking italian pizza! Ditto for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and even chocolate chip cakes with a runny heart!

Other interesting dishes that can be prepared with an Airfryer

airfryer recipes what can you do with the cauliflower oil-free hot air fryer

Do you know what you can make with an Airfryer, other than fries, meat and pasta? Well, you can roast your pumpkin seeds! Boiled eggs for your slimming breakfast? No problem ! The crunchy golden cauliflower (to be served with yoghurt, garlic and mmm gorgonzola) becomes impeccable there too! A salad of seasonal vegetables to garnish the family Sunday roast? It works perfectly!

Source used: www.tasteofhome.com

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