Atlético explodes against arbitration and denounces a “system” that would favor Real

The Madrid derby in the Copa del Rey left its mark and this Friday evening the president of Atlético de Madrid Miguel Angel Gil published an extensive statement denouncing the refereeing of the match but also an alleged more global pro-Real favoritism .

The Madrid derby in the Copa del Rey on Thursday evening (3-1 victory for Real) continues to arouse the indignation of Atlético de Madrid. In addition to the public statements of Diego Simeone, Jan Oblak and Rodrigo De Paul, the president of the colchonero club Miguel Ángel Gil joined them. The managing director wanted to make known, through a statement on the club’s website, his appreciation for the refereeing of the match and the reasons why Atlético felt offended.

Claimed a second yellow card for Ceballos

The entire colchonero clan denounces two-speed refereeing, noting that if Stefan Savic received a second yellow card for tripping a foot on Eduardo Camavinga in the 99th minute (in extra time), Dani Ceballos was spared him from a second yellow card , when he had sent a heavy blow to Thomas Lemar’s knee in the 70th minute.

“For me we had a very good game until the 70th minute, until the foul by Ceballos, nobody cares that he didn’t receive his second yellow card, but we should have finished 11 against 10, Diego Simeone got annoyed in the post-match press conference It didn’t happen, then Savic was sent off.” “Savic’s sending off was very unfair, but we’re used to this kind of thing when we get to the Bernabéu,” added Jan Oblak in the mixed zone.

“It’s almost always the same thing”

Which leads President Colchonero to speak out and attack Spanish arbitration in an open letter: “I have the utmost respect for the arbitration team and I am convinced that their intention is always the best, but whoever looks outside can see that for decades it has been almost always the same thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise anyone anymore, it doesn’t make the news anymore. It’s something very obvious and you just have to remember the “story”.

Then he attacks Real Madrid in a more direct way and lends them the usual favoritism of the referee: “Madrid is a club with a very strong environment, with many interests around them. They create such pressure that it is normal for this to influence the people who have to make decisions. They are aware of what awaits them if they are harmed by a mistake or even a success. It is common to campaign against those they feel are harming them.

“The system is like this”

“The system is like this and from Atleti we cannot change it on our own, he complains. We have to be as competitive as possible and keep working to have a stronger and more equal sector for all clubs. This stadium and the color of this shirt should t matters when it comes to making the right decisions, our players suffered the consequences of all that pressure on the pitch yesterday (Thursday, ed) and this makes me too indignant that any fan, of any team, expects there to be a single yardstick for comparison.”

“Yesterday’s second yellow card was obvious (for Dani Ceballos), indisputable, according to the rules, assures the Atléti president. But at 0-1, in the 71st minute, fighting for a place in the Cup semi-final in his own stadium, leaving the Real Madrid with 10 players is something strong.”

“We got used to the system”

“We got used to the system. We read page after page in the press, hours of radio and television in the days preceding a derby to talk about the protection of this or that player of this or that team,” he adds, referring to Carlo Ancelotti, who in the pre-match press conference had spent several minutes defending Vinicius and claiming he wasn’t protected enough by the referee. Honestly, I don’t think Griezmann or Morata were protected on Thursday night, for example, and took so many hits until they had to walk out ( 63rd for Spanish and 91st for French, ed), but the system is like this.

“I almost never speak because you are immediately accused of being a victim, but anyone who really knows the DNA of Atletico de Madrid knows that we don’t like making excuses. doubt: we are responsible for the situation in the team, for not qualifying for the Champions League finals and who is 7 points off third in La Liga. It’s up to us to use the remaining 20 league games to finish the season as high as possible. Sorry, but be aware of how the system works.”

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