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At 24, his time has finally come. This Saturday, Aryna Sabalenka cracked Elena Rybakina to win the 2023 edition of theAustralian Open. For her very first final at this level, the Belarusian put up a superb number as she won 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. plus powerful and completely free in the last two innings, on his fourth match point and after 2h28 of play, Aryna Sabalenka he was able to take the field and savor this first Grand Slam title at the age of 24, despite the absence of a flag and anthem. First time for a Grand Slam winner! “I think everyone still knows that I am a Belarusian player. That’s all”he said about it at a press conference.

Aryna Sabalenka, titled at the 2023 Australian Open

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“My craziest team on the circuit. We have gone through many difficult moments. You deserve it and thank you for everything you do”

On the pitch, still moved, the Belarusian was able to send some thanks. “Yeah, sorry for my english. I’m still in shock”, he was brimming with his usual humor. “Congratulations to Elena, I hope we will have more battles in the Grand Slam final. Thank you for everything organizing this tournament. Thanks to everyone who helped me. Thanks to the audience for this incredible atmosphere. Sure, my craziest team on the circuit. We have faced many negative moments. You deserve it and thank you for all you do. I like. I hope to show you even better tennis next year.”

“I’ll have a good pizza, of course, and lots of sweets. Maybe some champagne”

She was then able to walk back to her match at a press conference, still with a wide smile and stars in her eyes. “I don’t know. It’s hard to explain how I feel right now. Oh I’m just super happy. Super happy. Proud. I don’t know how to explain it. Just the best – this is the best day of my life right now. I think is definitely the best match I would say it was. He played amazing tennis. I fought so hard to win that match. I think the tennis was amazing. I’m really happy that it was t an easy match. It’s really me liked that battle.” A victory that should be celebrated. “Well, I’ll have a good pizza, of course, and lots of desserts. Maybe some champagne. Regards.“, he joked.

“Last year, Anton told me he didn’t know what to do…”

This title is also the success ofAnton Dubrovformer sparring by Sabalenka and his coach now. The latter had almost left his mission last year. “I don’t remember exactly, but I think after Dubai, before Doha, after Dubai. He told me he didn’t know what to do. ‘I think you need to find someone else to go and help you.’ But I was like I knew it wasn’t about him. It’s just something inside of me. I just need to find the problem. I’m really glad we’re still working together. We’ve been through so much together. I think it’s even sweeter that we get to come together as a team. It’s been a long journey for us. We are here with the Grand Slam title, which is really fantastic.”

“I thought if Victoria Azarenka could do it, then I probably could”

Finally, nice symbol that this coronation of a Belarusian player, 10 years after the last of Victoria Azarenka, semifinalist this year. “I think we love Australia. I hope Australia likes us. So I think it’s… I don’t know. Australia has something good for us. And yes, 10 years is a long time. To be honest, I didn’t watch tennis much when he won the Australian Open. But I mean obviously having a great player from my country has helped me to have this belief that I can do well. I thought if she could do it, then I probably could.”

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