DJ Goldfingers: “Sunday I played with Mbappé” (excluded)

DJ Goldfingers, one of France’s most famous hip-hop DJs, is a huge football fan. Exclusively for Calcio.frtalks about his passion for PSG, his relationship with the Mbappé family and the budding careers of his two sons.

DJ Goldfingers, how did you become a PSG fan?
My father was a fan of Mustapha Dahleb. He kept telling me about this player. I became a PSG fan during the 1981-82 season, with a much touted World Cup year. Initially, I’m just curious to see this famous Mustapha Dahleb. From the first game I had found the club I would root for. During this year 82, PSG eliminate the great Saint-Etienne in the Coupe de France on penalties (6-5). I remember Michel Platini had scored two goals for the Greens. President Borelli had entered the field to celebrate the Parisian qualification by kissing the lawn.

What are your best football memories as a fan?
This victory for PSG in the 1982 Coupe de France is my first great memory, as well as that of the following year (3-2 victory against Nantes, ed). The 1982 World Cup is also an incredible memory, definitely the best World Cup I’ve seen to date. I dreamed of a final between France and Algeria. For me they were the best teams in the game, unfortunately they suffered some injustices. France first, with Schumacher’s “attack” on Battiston. And what about the elimination of Algeria following the “game of shame” ? The famous meeting that will set the precedent with the last matches of the first leg of the competition now taking place on the same day, at the same time. Then, I admired Maradona’s entire journey, who is still today, in my opinion, the greatest footballer in history. The famous Argentina-England match, that of the “hand of God”, with the Falklands war in the background. The arrival of Zinédine Zidane was also significant for me. I was already following him in Bordeaux and I knew he would make history. The 1998 and 2006 World Cup went crazy in the scenarios with in particular the golden goal in 98 and Zidane’s famous header in the final of the 2006 World Cup. Finally, as regards PSG, the first victory in the Champions Cup also in 1996 marked me a lot.

“Many come to the Park like to Disney”

Can you still recognize yourself in today’s “bling bling” PSG?
For veterans like me, who knew PSG in the 80s and 90s, we no longer recognize the Parc des Princes and the anthological atmospheres of the Auteuil and Boulogne curves. We have the impression that many come to the stadium as if they were going to Disney, without actually being fans of the team. As for me, I ended up accepting this “bling bling” version of PSG, even if you have to fight for certain values. For example, when leaders wanted to change the entrance music of the players on the lawn (Who said I would by Phil Collins, ed), it was a very bad idea. Later, when you know the history of the club, you realize that the capital club has always been against a background of “bling bling”, the capital obliges. With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Daniel Hechter… In “bling bling” there is also some good to be had.

How do you imagine the Champions League round of 16 against Bayern Munich?
We have experienced so many disappointments in recent years… Barcelona’s comeback, for example, is the worst memory I have with our club. I took a long time to recover. That season, I couldn’t even watch them play after that disaster. Yet, every season, I remain optimistic. Except this year knowing that after the World Cup it’s quite difficult for the club. Once again we will rely on Mbappé, the player who does almost everything in this team. But I will be completely behind them, as usual. This is also being a supporter! I still remember the maintenance in Ligue 1 which was played on the last day of the championship of 2008, with the famous goal by Amara Diané. This club drives you crazy, it is capable of the worst as well as the best and that is definitely what makes it an extraordinary club.

“PSG drives you crazy”

Should PSG renew Messi?
I hear and understand those who say that it is not a good idea to prolong it. Except that Messi today can be considered the best player of all time after winning the World Cup. Now he has won everything. Not extending it seems complicated to me. Then, over time, he will have to agree to play less and have the role of ambassador of the club, for example. He will have to deal with his “exit”.

You have already had the opportunity to confront Kylian Mbappé on several occasions. How did it go ?
One day, Wilfried Mbappé contacted me to mix at the AS Bondy end of year party. At that time, Kylian was still playing at Monaco’s training centre. That same evening he discovered my children and enrolled them in the club. After that, we had two great seasons in this one. On Sundays I sometimes played with Kylian, Ethan and Wilfried Mbappé, as well as many other Bondy players who later became professional players. In 2017 I also mixed for Monaco’s victory, with Kylian, shortly before his signing at PSG.

“I have many footballer friends”

Your two sons play football at a good level. Do you manage their career?
They are currently playing at Blanc-Mesnil, a N3 club. The eldest, Hamza, evolves into U15. He is returning from several months of injuries. We are working towards next year, when he will evolve into U16 R2, the equivalent of Ligue 2 for his age category. He is a central midfielder, who plays number 10. The second plays in an elite regional U13, he is a defensive midfielder. I manage him daily football and follow-up (physiotherapist, osteologist, nutrition, etc.). It’s intense work that takes a lot of time, but I like it. I would like to thank Wilfried Mbappé for signing my two sons up for AS Bondy, a club where they spent two wonderful years.

What are the similarities between being a DJ and being a footballer?
There are so many! This is also why I have so many football friends. When you’re an artist and you go on stage, it’s a bit like playing a game. There’s an exchange with the audience, it’s 50/50. There is also some pressure, with moments of adrenaline and fun similar to football. When we manage to raise the crowd for example! As a DJ, we also take care of pre-match preparation, music rehearsals and technical training. Finally, there is the whole aspect of image management, sponsors to be negotiated, interviews to be released, etc.

“I would have liked to be Platini”

If you were a footballer, which player would you like to be?
I would have liked to be Michel Platini. This player marked me a lot in my youth. I analyzed everything he said and reproduced his position before taking a free kick or a penalty. He was the last “romantic” footballer.

Outside of football, what’s your news?
After two years of Covid during which the event was very impacted, I have fully resumed lives. I mix in France and abroad two or three times a week. I have also a radio show on Ado FM 97.8, every Thursday from 10.30pm to midnight. I’m finally preparing my next single which will be released in the spring on an international major. You can find my news on my website

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