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Ready to eat according to Cook it

Well known for its offer of ready meals, the Cook it company launched a few months ago a new offer of ready meals to facilitate dinner (or lunch!) time, made possible thanks to the acquisition of a new establishment . It is the chef Martin Patenaude (ex President’s Choice) who signs the recipes that are heated in the microwave in their container, in just two minutes. The whole family appreciated the dishes, healthy and tasty, without the addition of chemicals: lasagna, chicken or tao tofu in general… These classics are joined by recipes that vary with the seasons. It keeps for about four days in the refrigerator and can be frozen.

cook it

Price varies based on subscription plan chosen, starting at $13.16 per serving, Free delivery with orders $40 or more in eligible regions

Frozen by Joe Beef


Pepper Beef is one of four frozen Joe Beef meals available in Metro Grocery stores since fall.

In the fall Metro began marketing Joe Beef’s signature frozen meals, a project that had taken shape in the midst of the pandemic, while dining halls were closed and restaurants were eating their socks. A launch luncheon was held at McKiernan. The four dishes in the range were served in family format and in a slightly enriched version: pork à la normande, Mississippi beef, pepper beef and macaroni and cheese. Room full of foodies enjoyed themselves. The beef dishes were somewhat less successful at home, with a fussy 15-year-old finding the mashed potatoes a little floury, but we can still say that Frédéric Morin’s recipes translate pretty well frozen. With a little more mustard than Joe Beef, it’s a quick winter meal, well done!

Joe Manzo

Price: $9.99 for 300g, available at Metro

A successful vegetable “tuna”.


Gusta’s new vegetable tuna

In terms of vegan offerings that mimic carnivorous dishes — da fauxmage to the Beyond Meat dumpling – there’s often more “meh” than “wow”. Well-known in this arena with its sausages and other plant-based products, Montreal-based company Gusta offers a compelling effort with its new plant-based tuna. The texture is very similar and the taste is quite similar to that of fish. We also like the product’s short ingredient list and its high protein content (18g per serving, or half a packet), thanks to the incorporation of textured soy protein and white kidney beans. Dehydrated onion, yeast extract and seaweed add flavor and saltiness to the whole.


Vegan, non-GMO and made in Canada

Price: $5.49 (260g), available at Metro, Avril, Lufa and many other outlets

A “dry” February that has a bit of panache!


The Club Sélect range: Gamay and Chardonnay

Have you decided to participate in the Jean Lapointe Foundation’s February 28 alcohol-free days challenge or are you simply looking for festive and delicious non-alcoholic options? After a first edition that was taken off the shelves last year (its high carbon dioxide content makes it… explosive!), Club Kombucha persists and launches its Club Sélect duo again, this time with success. In addition to being frankly good, the product is reused in food: the kombucha cultures are macerated with pomace from the Quebec Joy Hill vineyard (chardonnay for the “white” and gamay for the “red”) and bad grape juice (green or red) from Loop Mission. More fizzy than effervescent, the product with its subtle and delicate taste has been designed to appeal to lovers of natural wine and comes in a beautiful glass bottle. So, do you get a tangy white or a light red?

Select clubs

Price: $52 for 4 bottles (online) or $13 a bottle at Metro, Lufa and other outlets. Club Kombucha is also offering a February case of 28 cans for $75 (online)

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