Messi looks back on his World Cup victory and celebrations against the Netherlands for the first time!

Aside from Instagram posts and a fanciful reception at PSG’s training centre, Lionel Messi was still not back to winning ways at the World Cup. It is now done since some extracts of his interview on the Perros de la Calle program have been released. Words reported by Mundo Deportivo!

On his World Cup victory

“I always thank God. I knew he would give me a World Cup, I don’t know, I felt it. Luckily what we dreamed of happened. Luckily it finally happened. From that day, everything changed for me. Now, we can say it It was crazy, the happiness of people, of adults, of kids, of all ages. The happiness they had was inexplicable.”

About the fake trophy he raised

“I don’t know why there was a mix-up with the Cup. I lifted the good one and then there was a half-mess in the celebrations. It wasn’t clear whether it was the real one or not, but I had already lifted the first one with my teammates . Is magnificent.”

About the celebrations in Argentina

I was talking about it with my comrades, I think I said it before it happened. Everything I imagined would be small compared to what actually happened and it did. It was something much more than I had imagined, what it was with people, my feelings, my family, Argentina. It was much more than I imagined and it was no small thing, imagining being world champion. It was something big and it was even bigger.”

On global support

“Obviously everyone wanted their country to become champions first and because they were excluded they went with Argentina because they wanted me to become world champions. with their country, people wanted me to win it I don’t think anything like that ever happened all that energy got me to the end.”

On his relief

“I told them (my family) that it was over after a long time, a lot of suffering because there were times when I suffered a lot with the national team. So many disappointments, having always been so close and never happened. I have long received criticism of all colors and I know that my family suffered as much as I did or more. They always wanted to show me that they were whole, that they were strong. But I know that inside they suffered a lot, not just because it didn’t happen, but because of the hard things that were said about me, which went beyond football: “That’s what really bothered me and hurt me. We won the America’s Cup, we won the World Cup, that’s all. There’s nothing left, it’s over.”

About his feeling at the moment of victory

“It’s hard to explain how I feel at that moment. It’s a bit like before with my family and the gesture, so many things go through your mind and at the same time nothing, as if you were gone. Enjoying this moment, you don’t I can believe that we finally made it. I tell you that it is very difficult to explain how it feels in that moment, but more or less it is like this: it’s over, it’s over, it’s given to me, I achieved everything with the national team, I accomplished everything in my career, in Barcelona, ​​​​​​individual, ending my career in a unique way. When I started with all of this, I never imagined it would be like this. Getting to this moment was the best. “

If he had reviewed the final

“Not really. I’ve never seen it again. I’ve seen summaries, excerpts, I’ve seen so many people celebrating when we’re world champions. But the final itself, the 90 minutes, I haven’t seen them.”

On his friction with van Gaal and Weghorst during the quarterfinals

“Some of my teammates said on purpose ‘you saw what he said’. We went 2-0 up and then at that time I don’t like what I did, what happened next with the ‘go there’. These are moments of great tension, a lot of nervousness, everything goes very fast and you don’t have time to think about anything, in fact nothing was planned, it happened like this and as I said, I don’t like it, it leaves that image. Everything that came out was natural, A lot of things had happened on the pitch with this player in real life and a few others. I was in a mixed zone and the match had just finished.”

About Maradona

“If he had been there he would have given me the trophy. The photo would have been very nice too. I think he and others who are up there and a lot of people who have wished me well are committed, not just to that, but to everything in general ».

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