PSG foot – PSG: Lionel Messi stretched, fans want to sack him!

Lionel Messi’s future is not yet officially defined, although the trend is still to extend the Argentine to PSG. Not enough to excite Paris Saint-Germain fans given the world champion’s performance.

Since the end of the World Cup, won by Argentina in the final against the French, Lionel Messi’s extension with Paris Saint-Germain seems imminent. And not surprisingly, a few days after his world title, Lionel Messi had reached an agreement in principle with PSG for what appeared to be an extension of a further year, until June 2024. According to all the French press, everything was closed and the formalization shouldn’t take long. The end of the winter transfer window is approaching and, even if there is no rush, the club from the capital has not yet announced anything regarding the future of Lionel Messi. Is it time to worry? According to Don Balon’s information, there is nothing to fear for the Emir of Qatar, because La Pulga should register well over time in Paris.

Spanish media confirm the imminence of Lionel Messi’s contract extension at Paris Saint-Germain. Despite the interests of FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​but above all of Inter Miami, the number 30 of PSG has chosen to extend the lease in the French capital. He has refused to return to Barça, anxious not to tarnish the legend that he has managed to write in the club of his heart, but above all that he lacks the financial means to bring back to life the one who was fired as a bungler in 2021. As for the interest of Inter Miami, David Beckham’s franchise, the discussions were serious, but in the end Lionel Messi made the decision to stay in Europe. Reassured by the level he showed during the World Cup, the Argentine international still considers himself capable of playing at the highest level and shining in the Champions League. His contract renewal with PSG is therefore imminent … but he risks holding us a little surprise according to the Spanish media.

Lionel Messi, two-year extension?

While Lionel Messi looked set to extend his contract for another year, until June 2024, it appears that Paris Saint-Germain have accepted the Argentine international’s latest request to sign a new lease. At Messi’s request, the 35-year-old attacking midfielder’s extension at PSG is expected to be for two years, until June 2025. A big surprise that no one saw coming, because at no time was there any mention of a several-year extension for Lionel Messi. Eager to stay at the top European levels over time, the former FC Barcelona captain is therefore preparing to score a big hit, both from a sporting and financial point of view, with a two-year extension at Paris Saint-Germain. There is no doubt that this choice of the Emir of Qatar and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi will not fail to question, as doubts are admitted about the level that Lionel Messi will show in two years. And the match against Reims enraged PSG fans over the seven-time Ballon d’Or and its possible extension. On social media, there is great tension around the Messi case.

It is true that since his return from the 2022 World Cup, after celebrating his title, Lionel Messi has been ghostly, Pulga is no longer in the game. And Twitter went crazy after the Reims draw. ” Given Messi’s involvement in the World Cup, it’s time to understand that he simply doesn’t want to run when he’s wearing a PSG shirt. As talented as he is, signing him was a mistake. Don’t prolong it out of pity », « The worst are the Messi supporters who explain to us that it is the fault of the midfielders and of Galtier who uses him badly. They do exactly what they blame CR7 fans for. It’s the fault of others, not of him ….. in short, this Messi is venting “. Hadrien Grenier, who relaunches the news of Paris Saint-Germain on social media, sees only one solution: ” Common sense would be not to extend Messi to finally blow up financially (…) The scenario of the consequences of a Messi extension is written. Breaking up the trio will always be necessary. Then, like last summer, it will fall to Neymar. Who won’t want to leave. And therefore zero leeway. And once again. Don’t prolong Messi = get out of this round. »

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