the new restaurant in Strasbourg that combines world flavors and French cuisine

Last year, Michael Levi, the chef of the highly acclaimed Bistrot Paulus, retired and closed the doors of his restaurant in Strasbourg. Now it is Sabbiryoung 24-year-old chef who, with his partner, takes over the reins of the restaurant and the kitchen Shah. Today, the young Bengali-born chef is very proud to present ranna Gora restaurant that combines world cuisine and French gastronomy, obviously paying homage to the typical dishes of his childhood.

It’s close to the Kruthenau that Sabbir moved just a few weeks ago to open his first business : Ranna Ghor (“the kitchen” in Bengali).

Crossed the kitchens of several restaurants in Strasbourg, the young chef learned a lot from his mother and his peers who gave him the desire to go further in the world of cooking.

We take you to discover his story, his unfailing motivation and the cuisine he loves and wants to share with the people of Strasbourg..

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A story of passion, transmission and determination

Sabbir Ahmed arrived in France in 2015 when he was still a minor. After trying to be an electrician, he quickly realized it wasn’t going to be for him.

Enthusiast has been cooking ever since still, especially thanks to his mother who has been helping in the kitchen since the age of 8she continued to cook in Strasbourg in the house where she lived.

One day Sophie, his tutor, who accompanied him in his steps and sometimes tasted his dishes, offered to try their hand at cooking. A few weeks latershe found him a first internship in a restaurant (The Ruche aux Deux Reines, now Coin des Knees).

From a one-week course, he became an apprentice, then stayed for a year before joining theAedaen Square in 2018 as second. A quick climb for a young cook who had plaque!

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With Alexandre Lux, the chef in charge at the time, then with Christophe Weber, the chef of the Purgatoire (still in office), he learned a lot until he decided to embark on his adventure alone. Finally one day, passing in front of the Bistrot Paulus which had just closed, he told himself that this was where he would like to work.

From bank to bank, from denial to denial, Sabbir it didn’t deflate. One day, finally, we trusted him: he had managed to take over this restaurant.

Today, Shah and give him everything to convince the Strasbourg(And)St thanks to a cuisine of the heart that mixes the influences of its country of origin and its host country. And he doesn’t intend to stop there.

A cuisine full of flavors with multiple influences

In his beautiful open kitchen overlooking a bright room that feels like a friends bistrosimple and without artifice, Sabbir it offers French and European dishes, but also dishes with Indian and Bengali influences.

With real attention to each dish, he works with homemade preparations based on fresh products and varies his menu every week.

On this map he want short, very often there are two starters, one meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish, with always a Bangladeshi dish at noon and one in the evening, as a signature.

Fried soft-boiled egg, potato cappuccino, croutons and leek chips; lamb shoulder confit, aubergine caviar, roasted aubergines, cucumbers and gravy; prawns marinated in turmeric and cumin, caramelized onions, tomatoes, curry and basmati rice or chicken balls breaded with parmesan, potato mousseline, good glazed cabbage, grilled onions and morel sauce… Lhas the menu is short, but the dishes are varied.

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At Ranna Ghor we are somewhere between a French bistro and a small Asian restaurantwithout falling into the cliché of the jumble that confuses the customer.

Generous dishes rich in flavors that are often very original, evening menus that change from the lunch menu, technical dishes or noble products and simpler preparations: we like to have the choice and discover unusual weddings.

Bonus: Sabbir prepares his own secret spices and even offers brunch on Sundays. The young chef and his team are determined in offer what they do best, and to see regular customers who are already returning. An equation that seems to work.

The little ones and the big ones +

  • The quality/price ratio, especially for the dish of the day, is simply excellent (starter + main course at 15 euros)
  • In addition to the cuisine, we love this place for its simplicity and atmosphere, a bistro like us love
  • Possibility to book the restaurant for events
  • With L’Oenosphère right next door, the wine list is a veritable one Moreover
  • Sabbir also prepares festive menus, next is Valentine’s Day

Ranna Gor

What ?


Where is it ?

33 Rue de Zurich 67000 Strasbourg

More information ?

Facebook page

The Instagram page

07 53 58 27 73

© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

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