Does raw garlic lower blood pressure? Yes and in addition we explain all its great benefits on our health!

Ignore its sometimes unpleasant smell – the health benefits of raw garlic are numerous. Do like me, slip it into your meals to take advantage of the minerals it contains: potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, a clove of garlic contains only 4 calories and the essential oils they contain contribute to the prevention of digestive and pulmonary infections. Does raw garlic lower blood pressure? What are other ways to reduce it? We tell you everything!

Why Eat Raw Garlic?

The beneficial effects of garlic are numerous: antimicrobial, antioxidant, good for the immune system, for tension and for cholesterol. We can safely define it as a superfood for our health. It is not for nothing that garlic is the basis of many dishes around the world. However, some ways of consuming it are more effective than others: especially eating it raw. Raw garlic is no exception, as are fresh herbs and spices. In fact, it would be 1.5 times more potent than its powdered or dried version. To best utilize the full benefits of garlic, the best technique is to crush or cut each clove and let them breathe for 10-15 minutes. Simple, right?

Does raw garlic lower blood pressure?

Garlic has occupied an important place in various culinary traditions for more than 5 centuries. Several ancient civilizations also used it to benefit from its many health benefits. During ancient times, garlic was used to treat leprosy and parasitic infections. Likewise, athletes also consumed it to improve their stamina.

All experts confirm that garlic is effective against hypertension. Indeed, it has the particularity of reducing blood pressure. Nothing could be simpler: just swallow two cloves of fresh garlic with a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. 20 days later, the results should be there. Additionally, there are other ways to lower blood pressure with garlic:

  • garlic tea
  • garlic macerated in olive oil
  • garlic salt instead of regular salt

Don’t deprive yourself of all these benefits, your health depends on it!

raw garlic lowers blood pressure 2023

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Firstly, to combat a sedentary lifestyle and help reduce high blood pressure, we recommend adequate and regular physical activity. Walking is the number 1 candidate. Then come the safe values ​​of running, cycling or swimming. They will help you lose weight and stabilize blood sugar and good cholesterol levels. However, excessively intense physical activity is a dangerously aggravating factor in blood pressure.

Similarly, since stress can raise blood pressure, anxious people can practice a method of relaxation: yoga, for example, can help relax and help lower it. Also, limit your consumption of alcohol and coffee. In fact, more than 3 glasses of wine a day greatly aggravate hypertension. Similarly, caffeine, consumed in excessive amounts, elevates it even more. In other words, beyond 4 cups a day, beware of danger!

Likewise, don’t overdo the salt. 6 grams a day are the norm, don’t add salt to your dishes and ban industrial products. Choose fruits, vegetables and grains which are very important for our health. They must represent in quantities from 70 to 80% of our daily consumption. Additionally, the potassium found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps lower blood pressure. Similarly, to a lesser extent, the lactic ferments present in dairy products would have the same effects on hypertension.

Let’s finish with the omega-3s found in oily fish. Since they help keep your arteries healthy, eat them at least twice a week. As for meat, opt for white meat instead of red meat or cured meats, which are too rich in saturated fat. Finally, the last recommendation: monitor your blood pressure regularly by going to the pharmacy to have it checked. We take care of you!

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