The best winter dishes to make with melted cheese

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Soft, tasty and greasy, processed cheese is unanimous among gourmets. In winter, it can be eaten in the form of different dishes according to your preferences: fondue, raclette, Mont d’Or… Concentrate on the 3 dishes to bet on, for an evening of conviviality.

Winter is currently in full swing and while temperatures bordering on the negative prove hard to bear, there are still some benefits of the cool season. Among these, that of enjoying delicious comforting dishes based on melted cheeses… Here are the 3 dishes that we eternally recommend for a gourmet and convivial evening.


Is there a friendlier dish than raclette? Not to our knowledge. In addition, it is (almost) impossible to miss it, a significant added value for those who don’t like cooking! To make a good raclette, it’s very simple to cook the potatoes in foil and favor local cured meats (therefore Savoy or neighboring regions).

The choice of cheeses to melt also plays an important role. In the raw and soft cheese department we find Morbier, Reblochon, Fumaison, Mont d’Or or even Maroilles. However, the safe bet is obviously the Raclette. If the purists will opt for a simple raclette with milky facets, frank and long in the mouth, there is also a twist with some original flavors: wild garlic, smoked, chilli… PourdeBon offers a wide selection, sourced directly from the best producers.

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The fondue

Fondue is the mountain dish par excellence. There are different types, but the “classic” version that comes to us from Switzerland is prepared with Gruyère and Vacherin fribourgeois. Then comes the Savoyard fondue, which as the name suggests is typical of Savoy. This is best prepared with Beaufort and Emmental.

Replace these two with Comté cheese and you get a mountain fondue!

This delicious traditional dish can be revisited to your liking and according to your preferences. The only rule of thumb: favor regional cheeses and do not mix more than 3 different cheeses to maintain a certain homogeneity in terms of flavours.

In terms of preparation, fondue easily competes with raclette. All you have to do is cut your cheeses into cubes without the rind and place them in the appropriate fondue pot. Sprinkle with the white wine, and let it melt on the fire (without bringing it to the boil!) in a very simple way… In the meantime, prepare some pieces of bread which you will prick at the end of a metal rod. When the mixture begins to melt, it’s ready to eat!

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Mont d’Or

Vacherin is THE historical cheese of the farmers. Only two breeds of cows are authorized to produce its milk: the Montbéliarde and the Simmental. To prepare a delicious Mont d’Or, make a small hole in the center of the cheese and pour in a little white wine. Bake at 210°C for half an hour. Then serve it, removing the hat. It will be perfect, accompanied by bread or steamed potatoes… In addition, the Mont d’Or can also be eaten cold.

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