When Sandrine Rousseau mentions Mbappé in the middle of the pension debate

POLITICS – The issue has aroused laughter and sighs in the National Assembly. “What will Mbappé do after 50 years? », questioned EELV MP Sandrine Rousseau this Tuesday 31 January, while the social affairs committee was in full consideration of the government’s pension bill. A text which arouses heated controversy within the opposition and which is being studied while a second day of strikes is underway on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if Emmanuel Macron, speaking with Mbappé, told him about his senior career”relaunched Sandrine Rousseau, as you can see in the video at the top of the article. A reference to the mockery that had targeted Emmanuel Macron after the defeat of France in the World Cup final for having consoled the Blues striker.

“A real subject”

Above all, if his remark immediately caused the laughter of the deputies present in the committee, the deputy of the Greens did not move. And to retort: “Aging athletes is a real topic. “Yes, the career and aging of athletes is a topic beyond the joke. How to replenish the bodies that are sometimes damaged and injured by intensive sports practice? » he asked again.

As this RMC article points out, Sandrine Rousseau really raises a real argument when athletes’ careers often end before age 35, and 7,000 retired athletes have to start a retraining every year.

On the other hand, on Twitter, sports journalists pointed out that the example of Mbappé was poorly chosen to illustrate this problem. Indeed, the Paris Saint-Germain player receives a fabulous salary and will most likely be free of want once his career is over, whether he receives or retires at full capacity or not.

“A very important and relevant topic illustrated with the worst possible example. At 50, Mbappé will always be a multi-millionaire star, probably converted into a coach or consultant. Not like many athletes whose finances melt away after retirement.” point thereby Alexandre Aflalo, journalist at Parisian.

“Mbappé is a bad example because his contracts will allow him to support 15 generations! But the object and the merits of the matter are legitimate for 99% of athletes of all sports, amateur or professional…”, abounds on his side Samyr Hamoudi, sports journalist of RMC Sport.

The commission was examining this Tuesday on the index of the elderly, foreseen by article 2 of the government’s pension reform project. This, which is based on the same principle as the Gender Equality Index, will ask companies to disclose the proportion of older people they employ. It will be mandatory from this year 2023, in large companies with more than 1,000 employees. “Athletes must be included in the index”, concluded Sandrine Rousseau.

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