After the shootings on the Grand-Place de Merville, the investigation continues

At the Dunkirk Criminal Court on Friday, the man who fired the shots on January 23 at the Place de la Liberation in Merville served 6 months in prison. But justice won’t stop there. The investigation continues.

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For more than a year, the situation has been very tense between the members of two families, the V and the K, who live in the Place de la Liberation, near the Allo Pizza restaurant. And, on Monday January 23, it turned into a general brawl in which more than ten people participated: brick throwing, threats, spitting and xenophobic insults such as: “ go back to your dirty country n… “. Several vehicles were degraded in the precedence that runs alongside Allo Pizza. Around 9 pm, the technical and scientific police (PTS) detected the impact of the bricks on the pizzeria. And, above all, they discovered two 9 mm shell casings on the floor of this alley, then a third into the drain of the costume shop just ahead.

One of the witnesses, not involved in the altercation, said he heard two detonations, and added: ” I saw a man run towards a group of 3 or 4 young men and shot. The first detonation came from a shot at a 15-year-old minor, a member of the V family. It must have been a weapon that fired blank ammunition since no one was injured. It hasn’t been found.

It is for these acts of violence with a weapon that KS, 28 years old, of Tunisian nationality, in an irregular situation and having been the subject of an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), was sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment. in detention. In court, the defendant denied firing this type of gun. ” And how did the shells get there? asks a judge. ” It is a V family frame up. It is certain and certain that they deposited them there before the police arrived “.

The defendant claims he used a ball gun that allegedly belonged to his 8-year-old nephew, as well as firecrackers to make it look like a gunshot. He says he also carried a baseball bat. When asked why all this arsenal, he replies ” In front of me they had batons, saber and tear gas. They gassed me, just like my cousin from the pizzeria and his girlfriend “.

The man had already been convicted of similar acts by the Auxerre court in 2018. Had he not been detained, he would have been sent to the Lesquin Administrative Detention Center due to his irregular situation in the area. ” assures Amélie Le Sant, deputy public prosecutor.

This fight comes after the one in May, rue Simone-Weil, where there were minor injuries. The V. family had been declared victims and there was no mention of the managers of Allo Pizza. The gendarmerie had deployed very large resources. Three of the attackers had been convicted of rape, receiving suspended sentences of between two and three months. They are prohibited from owning a gun for two years and are prohibited from coming to Merville during the same period.

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