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Yes, my dear readers, it’s back this period of the month ! It’s February 1st and soon the cold winds of winter will blow away and the warmth of spring will delight us with its sunny presence! So… why not wrap up the old month and start the new one in style? Not only is short hair incredibly trendy and chic, but it can also set you back at least 10 years! Forget botox, get a new hairstyle and regain self-confidence! Short hair is back, baby, and it’s fabulous! Now, let’s take a look at some photos to give you some much-needed inspiration on short haircuts for women over 50!

Short haircut for women over 50: 5 regenerating and sublime ideas!

Today I’m going to show you the five trendiest and youthful hairstyles for women over 50! Not only will they radically change your look (in a good way!), but they’re perfect for fine, flat hair! They give hair the necessary volume without using a lot of product. And best of all? They cut their prep time in half in the morning before work! So say goodbye to bad hair days and welcome style and chic into your life! Let’s go!

Pixie bob cut for thin, flat hair

short haircuts for women over 50

The pixie bob haircut is slapdash! If you are not much into cutting your hair very short, why not opt ​​for this fabulous hairstyle? It is literally a blend of the bob cut and the pixie cut. What it is at its essence is a pixie cut with longer layers. While you have the light feel of short hair, you have longer layers in the front that fall down the side of your cheeks like waterfalls. It’s incredibly easy to maintain and add volume in the morning if you only have a round brush.

Chic pixie cut by Cristina Cordula

cristina cordula haircut

The beautiful Cristina Cordula once said in an interview that when she cut her hair short, the modeling contracts started coming in! She was more noticed and had an original imprint, because she stood out from the models with medium and long hair. If you admire Cristina and want to try her bold hairstyle of hers, then why not try the free hairdo simulator for women before you pick up the scissors? It’s fast, efficient and gives great results!

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short square haircut 2023

Ah yes, Amélie Poulain’s classic and chic look! If you have very fine and flat hair, yes it will give you volume, but you have to work for it! Just dry them with a round brush and you’re done! The volume will stay all day due to the shortness of the hair. Indeed, if many women have fine and flat hair, it is because long hair weighs them down.

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The wavy square cut: short cut for fine hair for women aged 50

curly square cut 2023

Do you find the straight cut too boring? Need more texture and even more volume in your hair? So lace them up! Curls give that “je ne sais quoi” to a look that feels just… Unique. However, if you don’t have natural curls, but don’t want to damage your hair with heat… Then why not try the no-heat method?

Ball cut and short asymmetrical cut with bangs

women's degraded short haircut

And finally, we close our list with the very trendy layered flounce cut! Not only is it bold, but it also comes in many forms! While women with very thin hair probably won’t like the original bowl cut… They can try its many variations. One of them is to add layers or make it asymmetrical to give it some dimension. And that’s it for today! What is your favorite of all these haircuts?

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