February 2023 of the monthly Gambero Rosso: the themes of the new edition

The monthly Gambero Rosso February 2023: the themes of the new edition

the new edition of Gambero Rosso talks about the star dishes of Italian gastronomy, starting with the carbonara. But how were these recipes born? We also point out the new version of Gambero Rosso in collaboration with Invitalia I stay in the south, an ethical and virtuous project involving 62 companies in southern Italy. A journey to the paradisiacal French Polynesia to discover dream islands and distant flavours. But let’s not forget our Italy and head to Bagheria, which turns out to be a gastronomic destination, challenging nearby Palermo. In short, there is much more, but we’ll let you discover it in February with news and curiosities (without forgetting the pages dedicated to wine).

How is a recipe born? Behind the scenes of preparing a dish

At least once in our life, we have all wondered how it was possible to create delicious recipes and by whom. Dishes that have marked the history of Italian cuisine and (to use a reductive term) have satisfied many people, conquered everyone, even those who are not passionate about food. Let’s talk about dishes like bacon and eggthe famous) Fettuccine Alfredoor theEgg ravioli Of St. Dominic. In cooperation with we studied its origin Luca Cesari: from traditional dishes to innovative dishes.

New life for Bagheria: the city of villas is greedy and challenges nearby Palermo

At the gates of Palermo, baghera Elle a toujours été célèbre et une destination touristique pour ses villas et pour les statues inquiétantes commandées par le prince de Palagonia, ce qui lui a valu d’être considérée comme l’un des endroits les plus originaux d’Europe et connue dans le monde entire. Today, however, the city east of Palermo with almost sixty thousand inhabitants reveals itself as a gourmet city, a city of villas yes, but also of taste. Following the Baroque and villa fashion that made it famous in the Age of Enlightenment, Bagheria is today a gourmet destination: for its chefs but also for its artisans. He talks about it Chiara Minissale.

French Polynesia. Dream islands and sea, a sensual experience of each design

There are places so far away that we will hardly see in our lifetime and sometimes they can only be reached through dreams, but even with the mind it’s not so easy to imagine them. One of these is French Polynesia, 16,000 kilometers from Italy and divided into five archipelagos. But not only that, enter French Polynesia it also means immersing yourself in unique cultures that are very far from ours. We were there John Angelucci.

The secular paradise of Dievole on the edge of the Chianti Classico

History and modernity, nature and technology, depth and future. All of this is connected bada natural paradise (wild but also shaped by the hands of man in a thousand-year history) at the gates of Chianti Classico. We are talking about the cellar and the wines that have enchanted dozens of illustrious travelers over the centuries. A fascination that continues today and that we offer you in ten vintages of Chianti Classico, including the label that received the special award red of the year. Modified by Marcus Sabellicus.

Recipes of the month and ranking

Identity of a Chef: We profiled the Maicol Izzo29, dated Milù square from Castellammare di Stabia (NA), which presents us with four emblematic dishes to try at home, including a half pacchero alla marinara with fresh cherry tomatoes, black olives and anchovies. And again the portrait of the chef Gianni D’Amato a force of nature, enthusiastic about life and his work, through three paths. One of these are the cubes of cooked meat, which he likes to describe as follows: “Let’s go back to my Emilia. It’s an iconic dish, the one I took with me everywhere. It’s an elegant cured meat enclosed in a cube: a symbolic dish in memory of my Rigoletto di Reggiolo”.

pinto beans Fact: 12 must-have labels. Here is the February 2023 ranking published by Mara Nocilla, which determined the best labels. Quite an amazing competition. From time to time, the products of wholesalers dominate the ranking: 9 borlotti beans out of 12. This is the result of a blind test during which 34 references (9 artisanal and 25 from wholesalers) were blind tasted and evaluated by a panel of experts . For further information consult the new edition of Gambero Rosso.

Mini guide and conclusion of the month February 2023

The mini guide by Valentina Marinois dedicated Forli, lively, peaceful and pleasant, with over 22 centuries of history behind it. A popular destination at any time of the year, for lovers of good food, but also of art, wellness and outdoor activities, in the greenery of city parks or in the immediate vicinity. In the February issue of Gambero Rosso 39 he stops to eat, buy local products and sleep. Issue one concludes with the graphic novel Cynthia Leon.

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