For Candlemas, 4 simple and original pancake recipes to change tradition

Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia / Getty Images A plate of pancakes for Candlemas

Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia / Getty Images

A plate of pancakes for Candlemas.

CANDELEUR – For many, this Thursday February 2 rhymes with pancake batter and toppings of all kinds. If you too have already taken out the pan and whisk to celebrate, but you want to vary the pleasures and move away from tradition, there are tips. To inspire you, HuffPost scoured TikTok and Instagram and found the best recipes for inventive and easy-to-make Candlemas crêpes.

For aesthetes, a chocolate walker to decorate your pancakes

Clever, this swirl to make your pancakes more beautiful. And don’t worry, the recipe is super easy to make. Simply make a classic pancake batter, set some batter aside, and add some cocoa powder for color.

Then put the cocoa pancake batter into a pastry bag (purchased or homemade from a freezer bag). You will then need to draw a swirl on the bottom of your pan, let it cook for a few seconds before coating it all with a ladle of plain pancake batter.

Once ready, you can top your pancakes with your favorite Kinder, as this TikTok video suggests, or any other toppings of your choice.

For the sweet tooth, “cake pancakes”

Sure, we’re moving away from tradition a bit, but your audacity will be rewarded with this ultra-gourmet recipe.

The first step is simple: just make pancakes. Once ready, line up three on a cutting board, overlapping the edges, then spread the filling of your choice on top. You can use whipped cream and arrange seasonal fruit or sprinkle on your favorite snacks. Last step: roll everything up to form a “omelette cake” and cut in half to serve.

For cravings from elsewhere, pancakes “thousand holes”

No need to travel to discover new pancakes. Here is the recipe for Baghrir, pancakes originating from the Maghreb – made with very fine semolina, flour, water and yeast – which form many “little holes” during cooking. A little thicker than the classic crêpe and more like a pancake, this specialty revives the taste buds for Candlemas. To be served with a little honey, for even more pleasure.

For beer enthusiasts, a 100% Goudale recipe

One last before leaving! We were already familiar with beer-flavored pancake batter, but this recipe takes it further with a warm caramel made from blonde. The version proposed here is fresh out of Lille, with a good dose of Goudale, the lager beer very popular in the region. But you can of course repeat this recipe using your favorite beer.

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